Spartan Race Recap

Well here is a little run down of the inside of my life.  I have been so busy training clients, working on this blog, writing music, doing radio, pet sitting, going to charity events, fitness modeling and sometimes  even television/commercial work that I had no intentions of doing this Spartan race.  The race was this past Sunday and I was asked last-minute if I wanted to do it and I could not say no! I love these races. They are to me very positive, inspirational and motivational to say the least. I do recommend them to everyone out there reading. Maybe not Spartan as your first one, but a shorter one such as the Warrior Dash or Super Hero Scramble because they are fewer miles for someone who is jumping in as a first timer. So last minute I was given two entries as a friend couldn’t do it, he was leaving town. So I gladly accepted his gifts and I asked my good friend/ old neighbor Ethan if he wanted to join me. I knew Ethan could handle the eight miles as he is in very good shape. He is a good kid with excellent diet and exercise habits.  Ethan  is like family to me. I love him a lot, I consider him a younger brother. I took him in under my wing when he had ACL surgery last year. I tried to give him good moral support during that time. And I still always try to encourage him and I know he will be very successful in life.


Boss Monstas – last minute Pre-race training two nights before

So Ethan came and stayed with me as he goes to college 100 miles from me. Two nights before we trained hard at the gym together as we knew it was our last chance. Then on Spartan race Eve we slammed many cookies to make sure our energy level would be sufficient .. lol The next day we drove to Miami and we were off on our adventure. We arrived at the race site where you are surrounded with a few hundred people and you feel the energy of the crowd. These races are exciting because you know your going to conquer many obstacles. The Spartan race is eight miles and I believe there was


twenty different obstacles. One of them including us having to climb super high up a cargo net and climb back down. That will conquer your fear of heights for sure:) We also had mud water fall slides, wall climbs, rope climbs and many more.  Good thing my camera is water proof.  So we had a good time. We ran the track encouraging many people around us. Ethan was singing during the run and keeping me at a good pace.  I am very proud of him and his positive attitude on health and fitness.  The last mile I was happy to see, as I knew success was approaching. You feel a nice sense of accomplishment set in.   The last obstacle was a grueling mud crawl. You had to roll in mud as hoses were spraying you in the face and stay under a football field length of barbed wire. Tons of worms I might add . YUCK! lol.. But we did it !! Covered in Mud we crossed the finish line, grinning from ear to ear, super proud to have our medals placed around our necks. We gave a high-five and felt in our hearts this was the beginning of him and I doing many more races together. Most likely for the rest of my life:)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Whey protein Vs.Soy :)

Ok Guys Well you want the truth .. Rose= Truth and that’s IT!! So here it is plan and simple. Most supplement companies do not really care what is best for you . They care about making profits so they are going to promote what has the lowest production costs, and the greatest money-making potential. Let me break it down like this. In the cheese making process Whey was a left over by-product that was poured down a drain. NASTY!! why would you want to ingest that. A by product usually means something deriving by accident and unintentional  in a process of manufacture. For example when a label says chicken by-product it means ground up left over feathers or beak.  How disgusting!! Studies also show that Soy protein has double the amount of Glutamine per serving Vs Whey. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body.  Some Whey has been found to have increased effects on a persons cholesterol profile. While studies have shown Soy improves kidney functions, lowers cholesterol,  promotes bone health, and improves thyroid function.

Still need more convincing ok ….. Research has shown soy protein being linked to reducing many forms of breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer. Research also indicates that the soy protein may reduce nitrogen loss and keep you in a positive nitrogen balance to better facilitate muscle growth. The human body can only repair and build muscles when it has a positive nitrogen balance. As I already wrote  Soy kicks Wheys ass in its high concentration of the amino acids glutamine and  it also has high amounts of arginine. These two aminos are extremely important  for their ability to release growth hormone and aid in immune system functions and for their ability to speed muscle cell recovery.

So there ya have it. I broke it down short and sweet.  Soy is definitely the better way to go.  Hands down. No contest!

Raw Vegetarian Eating

What is Raw?  Raw vegetarian is the healthiest way to eat.   Yes people I said it!! Believe it or not . Raw vegetarian food also known as living food, is plant food that is not heated above 115 degrees F. When your food is  heated above this temperature it loses its nutritive value as its enzymes are destroyed.  Yep, bye-bye to most of the nutrients you thought you were getting.  Because when your food is left in its natural state the body derives more nutritional benefit from it.  Eating this type of diet helps your body detox and is said to help eliminate diseases. Eating raw almost always gives the body energy instead of draining the digestive system. So you’re not dragging ass throughout your day.  Also this diet majority of the time leads to weight loss without having you feeling starved to death. Guess what guys I’m pushing 40 yupper i said it .. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I’m admitting that because I want you to know my secrets . Not everything I eat is raw, but I try to a lot and guess what its like a fountain of youth along with exercise!!! Raw food diets improve your skin, gives you more energy and helps keep your youthful look:)) You can not go wrong with it. Follow me on my journey and I will be posting more about Raw eating including concerns, benefits and recipes.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Daily Life

Guys I know its easy to make excuses. I have done it and still do some times. So here I am to help add motivation to all of you each day. We should mentally put exercise in our minds as a necessity just like brushing our teeth, eating, and bathing. Consider it a must!

I do not expect anyone to make a full change in their life, but at least try to each day take steps to get back into a routine. Pick some of your favorite exercises to start.  I variate my routines and activity all the time. Some of the activities I do are; run on the beach, bike, volleyball, surf, basketball, yoga, kick box, swim, and circuit training in the gym. I am sure there are some fun activities or exercises you can choose.   If it helps sign up for a group activity locally to help motivate you.

Do not worry so much about numbers on a scale, counting calories or reps.  Just get in the mindset of taking control over your life. Devote 20-30 each day minimum to some kind of exercise. Do not worry so much about losing weight or what the scale says. Focus on the facts that you’re getting stronger, making yourself healthier, and improving your emotional level.  Do not try to count calories rather cut down on huge portions and eat more frequently. Counting calories is frustrating and annoying. I haven’t counted a single calorie in the last 3 years I have been in top shape.  Once you get the feel for eating those smaller meals and preventing yourself from going hungry you will never count calories again. It’s about eating to prevent yourself from getting hungry. When I’m hungry I will eat too much so try to keep a snack handy at all times to prevent over eating. And also counting reps sometimes isn’t really challenging at all. If you set a number at 10 and you do 10 easily you’re not going to surpass your plateau . Think outside the box! Feel your body. Burn it out! keep going until you feel that burn.

Most important reason why you should put exercise first is because it boosts your sense of well – being. We all know that exercise is best for us long-term, but everyone always wants quick satisfaction. While adding exercise to your day you are increasing your energy, stamina, balance, posture, concentration, reducing stress, improving sleep and your over all out look . I highly tell people put yourself first, not in a selfish manner, but in a wise one. It relates to theory of the flight attendants advise to put your oxygen mask on before you proceed to help your children or anyone else. It’s the same thing. You are not effectively able to take care of others if you do not put your own self first and foremost. I have learned that the hard way so please listen to someone who has the experience.  Make the commitment to make yourself priority. Be proud of your efforts and accomplishments each day!

The Truth About Pooping

poopYes I did! I said POOP! Poop, Poop, Poop.  It is mature to discuss and healthy.  Everybody makes poops. On a regular daily basis an average person should poop at least 2- 3 times a day. There are several contributors that play into healthy regularity of releasing your bowels. Exercise and diet play vital roles.  A high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water is the basis for good digestion.  High fiber  foods also keep you feeling fuller longer. I drink about 12 bottles of water a day.  But I’m also sweating like crazy during my workout. I recommend at least 8 glasses a day for good regularity  and avoidance of constipation. Water helps cleanse all your body, organs and is great for your skin and hair. Exercise at least 3 times a week to support the quality and frequency of your Poop. A healthy poop should be about 4 inches long, easy to come out, medium brown in color and not too stinky. Poop that looks, smells or comes out other than just described you must make some changes in effort to support your Poop! Some daily improvements include managing stress,  taking a probiotic, exercising  frequently,  keeping hydrated, chewing your food well and eating healthier meals high in fiber. Your body will love you and your pooping will be awesome.

Yummy Nommy Snacks

So many people are always asking me what are some healthy vegetarian snacks.  Some quick healthy snacks to have in between meals include:

  • Apple and low fat vegan cheese
  • Hummus and carrots or multi grain crackers
  • Nuts 1/2 cup – any kind
  • Small salad with chic peas
  • Smoothie
  • Low fat vegan yogurt
  • Light popcorn
  • Peanut butter with banana
  • Lentil Chips with guacamole 1/2 cup or almond cheese

Dig in these in between meals!

DON’T Go hungry! Everyday Eating! DO Eat Every 2-3 hours

I know this is a break from the habitual routine for most, but KEY to losing weight and keeping it off (unless your an endurance athlete) is eating smaller frequent meals.    Endurance athletes are an exception because they need to eat more  so they do not fatigue in their long hours of training.  People I am promising you this!!  Coming from being a former heavy chevy at a period in my life I am telling you this is SOLID!   Going hungry is evil.  You tend to overeat when you finally do get food and then your weighed down . Your body can not digest and break the food down fast enough so in consequence fat is stored. Trust me through my experience eating more frequent smaller meals helps regulate blood sugar, gives you more energy during the day, controls cravings and keeps hunger at bay.  Of course pick healthy foods to eat.  Each meal should contain  lean- or low-fat proteins such as low-fat dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk), eggs, nuts, beans, and soy (if you must a “meat” ),  fiber,  some carbohydrate for fuel and a little healthy fat.  For good nutrition, try to include at least one fruit or veggie in each meal.   I gain nothing from telling you this except that it works and I help teach you.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

A quick eat or snack  to make would be good old traditional peanut butter and Jelly. You can also make it with Almond butter or you can even find soy butter. I try and look for organic or all natural butters and Jellys, whatever the store has for my convenience .  Grab some multi -grain bread spread some on and dig in. I like to cut mine in fours so I do not violently eat it. It allows me to enjoy and eat slower .. ;p

For an extra delicious PB and J crunch up a protein cookie and put it in the middle without eating it

The Truth About Successfully Eliminating Cellulite

Want to know the secret to getting that nasty Cellulite off?  Guys you too get it,  so do not act like this doesn’t pertain to you. Well  here it is ……….. Drum rolll PLEASE… getting rid of cellulite all over your body and having that hot ass you always wanted is really NO secret at all. It is called daily exercise.  No  Skim creams work. Garbage!! Don’t waste your money. And Liposuction or surgery is just a short term fix.  If you do not change your life style to be more active you will see the cellulite appear again. Anything other than good ole healthy exercise is a SCAM! Sorry .. Truth here. SOOOOOO giddy up!! 

Cellulite is the name given to the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. This cluster forms nodules of fat and toxins rejected by the body itself, and we see it looking like skin lumps.  We mostly see it on our butts because that is a very high accumulated area of fat. With physical activity and a change to a healthier diet on a constant basis this is our only long term solution. So with that said get your butt MOVING!!…