DON’T Go hungry! Everyday Eating! DO Eat Every 2-3 hours

I know this is a break from the habitual routine for most, but KEY to losing weight and keeping it off (unless your an endurance athlete) is eating smaller frequent meals.    Endurance athletes are an exception because they need to eat more  so they do not fatigue in their long hours of training.  People I am promising you this!!  Coming from being a former heavy chevy at a period in my life I am telling you this is SOLID!   Going hungry is evil.  You tend to overeat when you finally do get food and then your weighed down . Your body can not digest and break the food down fast enough so in consequence fat is stored. Trust me through my experience eating more frequent smaller meals helps regulate blood sugar, gives you more energy during the day, controls cravings and keeps hunger at bay.  Of course pick healthy foods to eat.  Each meal should contain  lean- or low-fat proteins such as low-fat dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk), eggs, nuts, beans, and soy (if you must a “meat” ),  fiber,  some carbohydrate for fuel and a little healthy fat.  For good nutrition, try to include at least one fruit or veggie in each meal.   I gain nothing from telling you this except that it works and I help teach you.


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