Raw Vegetarian Eating

What is Raw?  Raw vegetarian is the healthiest way to eat.   Yes people I said it!! Believe it or not . Raw vegetarian food also known as living food, is plant food that is not heated above 115 degrees F. When your food is  heated above this temperature it loses its nutritive value as its enzymes are destroyed.  Yep, bye-bye to most of the nutrients you thought you were getting.  Because when your food is left in its natural state the body derives more nutritional benefit from it.  Eating this type of diet helps your body detox and is said to help eliminate diseases. Eating raw almost always gives the body energy instead of draining the digestive system. So you’re not dragging ass throughout your day.  Also this diet majority of the time leads to weight loss without having you feeling starved to death. Guess what guys I’m pushing 40 yupper i said it .. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I’m admitting that because I want you to know my secrets . Not everything I eat is raw, but I try to a lot and guess what its like a fountain of youth along with exercise!!! Raw food diets improve your skin, gives you more energy and helps keep your youthful look:)) You can not go wrong with it. Follow me on my journey and I will be posting more about Raw eating including concerns, benefits and recipes.


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