Spartan Race Recap

Well here is a little run down of the inside of my life.  I have been so busy training clients, working on this blog, writing music, doing radio, pet sitting, going to charity events, fitness modeling and sometimes  even television/commercial work that I had no intentions of doing this Spartan race.  The race was this past Sunday and I was asked last-minute if I wanted to do it and I could not say no! I love these races. They are to me very positive, inspirational and motivational to say the least. I do recommend them to everyone out there reading. Maybe not Spartan as your first one, but a shorter one such as the Warrior Dash or Super Hero Scramble because they are fewer miles for someone who is jumping in as a first timer. So last minute I was given two entries as a friend couldn’t do it, he was leaving town. So I gladly accepted his gifts and I asked my good friend/ old neighbor Ethan if he wanted to join me. I knew Ethan could handle the eight miles as he is in very good shape. He is a good kid with excellent diet and exercise habits.  Ethan  is like family to me. I love him a lot, I consider him a younger brother. I took him in under my wing when he had ACL surgery last year. I tried to give him good moral support during that time. And I still always try to encourage him and I know he will be very successful in life.


Boss Monstas – last minute Pre-race training two nights before

So Ethan came and stayed with me as he goes to college 100 miles from me. Two nights before we trained hard at the gym together as we knew it was our last chance. Then on Spartan race Eve we slammed many cookies to make sure our energy level would be sufficient .. lol The next day we drove to Miami and we were off on our adventure. We arrived at the race site where you are surrounded with a few hundred people and you feel the energy of the crowd. These races are exciting because you know your going to conquer many obstacles. The Spartan race is eight miles and I believe there was


twenty different obstacles. One of them including us having to climb super high up a cargo net and climb back down. That will conquer your fear of heights for sure:) We also had mud water fall slides, wall climbs, rope climbs and many more.  Good thing my camera is water proof.  So we had a good time. We ran the track encouraging many people around us. Ethan was singing during the run and keeping me at a good pace.  I am very proud of him and his positive attitude on health and fitness.  The last mile I was happy to see, as I knew success was approaching. You feel a nice sense of accomplishment set in.   The last obstacle was a grueling mud crawl. You had to roll in mud as hoses were spraying you in the face and stay under a football field length of barbed wire. Tons of worms I might add . YUCK! lol.. But we did it !! Covered in Mud we crossed the finish line, grinning from ear to ear, super proud to have our medals placed around our necks. We gave a high-five and felt in our hearts this was the beginning of him and I doing many more races together. Most likely for the rest of my life:)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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