Whey protein Vs.Soy :)

Ok Guys Well you want the truth .. Rose= Truth and that’s IT!! So here it is plan and simple. Most supplement companies do not really care what is best for you . They care about making profits so they are going to promote what has the lowest production costs, and the greatest money-making potential. Let me break it down like this. In the cheese making process Whey was a left over by-product that was poured down a drain. NASTY!! why would you want to ingest that. A by product usually means something deriving by accident and unintentional  in a process of manufacture. For example when a label says chicken by-product it means ground up left over feathers or beak.  How disgusting!! Studies also show that Soy protein has double the amount of Glutamine per serving Vs Whey. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body.  Some Whey has been found to have increased effects on a persons cholesterol profile. While studies have shown Soy improves kidney functions, lowers cholesterol,  promotes bone health, and improves thyroid function.

Still need more convincing ok ….. Research has shown soy protein being linked to reducing many forms of breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer. Research also indicates that the soy protein may reduce nitrogen loss and keep you in a positive nitrogen balance to better facilitate muscle growth. The human body can only repair and build muscles when it has a positive nitrogen balance. As I already wrote  Soy kicks Wheys ass in its high concentration of the amino acids glutamine and  it also has high amounts of arginine. These two aminos are extremely important  for their ability to release growth hormone and aid in immune system functions and for their ability to speed muscle cell recovery.

So there ya have it. I broke it down short and sweet.  Soy is definitely the better way to go.  Hands down. No contest!


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