30 Day Challenge To An All New You!

30Day3So here is my 30 day challenge to all of you.   Each day I want you to do something for yourself towards a working progress for a change you would like to see happen in your life. Set a goal you would like to have accomplished by the end of the 30 days. Along the way I want you to write down what you did and one reason each day why you are proud of yourself. That simple I want to hear your journey and your concerns. You can write me weekly or daily.  I think daily is better.  At the end of “the 30 day Challenge” I am going to pick two winners.  The people I chose are going to win my personal help for 3 months of fitness and diet assistance. If you are not in the state I will still work with you. I will give you my personal time 3 days a week even if we have to skype. I am going to share your stories thereafter your thirty days to help and encourage others.   Did you always want to make changes, but didn’t know how or have that push? Now is your chance.  You want that hot sexy ass summer beach body? You want to boost your self esteem and energy level? HELLO! Lets do it together as a team. Take advantage of this opportunity .  Ok the challenge starts today so lets get started. – Get your note pads ready and email me as much as you want .  With love and smiles. xxxo

Roseboo@gmail.com – Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge To An All New You!

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  2. Ok, Crazy!! I just wrote you that I needed help for 3 months….coincidence???? Ok, I know I’m starting at the end of this game but yesterday I started the Lemon Cayenne cleanse just until Easter (5 days) I want to do it as a cleanse, but mostly to get myself into a frame of mind that I CAN have discipline when it comes to food. One thing I have learned so far is that not eating isn’t any harder than restricting myself from junk. Which teaches me that I’m never really hungry just have this terrible Habit of eating when I’m bored, or mostly when there is something else I have to get done, I eat as procrastination. I fully expect after this period to eat healthy and exercise as my way to transform my body. This I know can’t be done if I restrict my calories too much, so i will focus on eating right and exercise vs. fad diets.

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