DON’T Deprive Yourself! DO Indulge on Your Favorite Food :)

People please do not think Diet means you go on a crash course of starving yourself of your favorite foods. A diet should be an everyday lifestyle change . It’s all mental.  Just vow to eat better .  It’s like a marriage if your don’t commit to it well then you know what happens. It WON’T WORK!  At least this is just your decision to make. A marriage takes two people.  So if one person cheats and doesn’t stay committed your ass out!  This is much easier people because you  solely have all the control over this.  I promise you that once you make the changes you will  feel better, in turn not  wanting to go back to eating greasy, fried and oily any longer.  Once or twice a week indulge on  something you love.  It’s a mental game also. If you keep your favorite foods from yourself you will binge in excess and then get discouraged.   So again do NOT deprive yourself!  It’s not that hard.  I treat myself to cookies once or twice a week, sometimes too many at one time. But that’s ok I will double up on my exercise the next day or at least try.. lol. Just don’t get discouraged on your cheat day.  It is ok and your allowed to do it! Just start the next day on a clean slate.


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