Get a Sexy Stomach at Home Ab and Core Workout

Ever stress cause you just can not get that disgusting muffin top off or those annoying love handles. Honestly there is really nothing to love about them. They are unappealing and not healthy. As I wrote in my post yesterday much of getting in shape relies 75 percent on your diet. So if your eating better foods and on a more frequent basis this will help get you that flat tummy you are craving.  And it’s not hard nor long to do. Plus I did this last night at my home so you have no excuses. No gym required!

First I want you to get your heart rate up. I want sixty seconds of jumping jacks. The trick here everyone is to get the heart rate up so instead of just shaping and building ab muscles you are burning fat as well.   This way you will actually be able to see

Now the first exercise #1 – Ab Rollout  If you do not have a little roller as pictured (very inexpensive at a sporting goods store) you can also use a rolling pin or something that will roll forward. This is great for your lower back as well.

Start by placing the roller on the floor in front of you and kneeling in front gripping it. With a slow controlled motion roll it out so that your back is straight. Keeping your knees slightly bent. Keep your arms straight through-out the exercise or your cheating. NO CHEATING! Roll back up bringing the roller back under your shoulders and return to the starting position. Repeat this 25 times. If you can go more DO IT! challenge yourself! if you can do 2 set of 25 Please do it!abs 8

abs 9

roll outs are great for your core

Ok awesomeness, now I want you to jog in place for 60 seconds again increasing your heart rate.

Exercise #2 –Ball or weight lift crunches over your knees-this is for your center abdominal muscles mainly. Here I am using a stability ball. If you do not have one use a weight or a bag filled with something. Improvise people!

Start off by laying down with your feet planted and your knees slightly bent. Bring the ball or whatever it is your using up above your knees. Hold this position for a few seconds. Return back down to the starting position and repeat for at least 25 times. And yes you can do that many!! Challenge yourself! That word CAN’T is a word not used in my vocab! Repeat 2 sets of 25 .

abs 11

abs 12Cool beans! You have got this going. Giddy up for me.  Giddy Giddy Giddy..I want sixty seconds of pretend jump rope.  Again heart rate get it back up.

Exercise #3- Leg lifts– great for your lower abs- Lay on your backs and lift your legs about a foot off the ground and hold that for 30 seconds . Repeat that twice. There is no picture for this one. Don’t worry its not that hard to do.

Exercise #4- Plank -You GOT this!!

PLANK for 30 seconds . Repeat twice.  So good for your core. Which is your abs and back.  Face down align your hands below your shoulders. Keep your knees beneath your hip. Extend both feet behind you and squeeze in on your center. Once you do these more and more you can extend the time. You will get stronger I promise. I can plank for 18 minutes!! lol.. Just takes too much time. Kinda boring. See below for picture of Plank.

abs 7


ok I want you to do butt kicks now for again yepper getting that heart rate up!! 60 seconds. Basically they are similar to jogging in place except you kick your own butt . Lift your legs back high.

exercise 5 abs 6

Exercise #5 –Crunches on the ball or floor .  First do 20 coming straight on and then I want you to do 15 Oblique crunches for each side. Cross the foot over the knee. Keeping the lower back pressed down. Lift your shoulder up and curl your body up diagonally across your body towards your knee. . Switch sides and repeat .

abs 5

oblique crunches

The above photo gives you another alternative to do your obliques . Your lying on your back and keeping your knees to the side and keeping your lower back pressed into the floor. Lift your shoulder up off the floor and curl your upper body across your body towards your knee.  Come on people lets get sexy yeah!!! Do this too. Why not?  Get stronger. Do at least 25.

Ok again time yourself 60 seconds of high knees. Its like jogging in place again but lifting your knees high up. Great . Have I said how your awesome yet!! Well I am saying it again . YEAH!!

abs 22

weighted Oblique exercise


Motion Action Shot!

Take the weight or whatever you have even if its just your arm and press it above your head on one side. Push your butt in the direction of the arm raised. The opposite hand should be pressed along side of your other leg and go down below the knee. If you can go lower DO IT! Hold for a second and then return back.

Now your done!! Heck yeah!! You did it! Should take about 20 minutes depending on how many reps you do. Keep that heart rate up in between sets . I tried listing simple things you all know to do so you can keep your heart rate up. I know you guys can do these . Get them done. Get your sexy on!! Thanks for checking my ab routine out! A little sweaty but done! Sweat will do you good!

abs 10


One thought on “Get a Sexy Stomach at Home Ab and Core Workout

  1. So I will try this tomorrow, because I was at the SOT-G event working today. Tomorrow we are going to Blackwater Training Facility and do Extraction and Range Shooting Training. It’s a fun day. Then Saturday it’s Zodiac Rowing in the ocean and PT Log carries on the beach. I’ll be on the beach all day Saturday. Wish you were here for this event.

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