My Story

Rose Donato This page is dedicated to my clients, my followers, and to the people who have so much heart, one filled with desire to live healthier.  This page is for people who truly try and make progress towards their goal.  You do not have to look like someone on television you just have to try and make progress towards a healthier you.  MAKE  PROGRESS NOT EXCUSES! Join me and together we will make it count!!

My Blogging each day is going to take you all on a fun, fit journey into my life and it will help transform you in the process. My exercising routines, my diet, my positive goofy side, client stories, pet stories, and much more to help keep you all motivated and interested in a healthier transformation at life. I am going to educate you as best I can with humor and facts, without boring anyone ;p

As humiliating as it might be I’m laying myself out in all truth, so you will trust and believe in me.  I have always loved being active, but there was a time in my life where I let myself go.  I was married and worked nonstop. The long hours at the office were on a constant. I was extremely exhausted and felt like I was not enjoying life at all.  I was at my heaviest working behind a computer long 12-14 hour days and not focusing on myself as priority. I put the wants of my husband before my own. I wanted to please him and give him everything he ever wanted.  But even though I gave him everything he wanted it WASN’T what he wanted. I spent most days depressed and crying as my marriage was lost.  As a result I was emotionally burned out.   So I knew it was time to crack down, pull it together and realize if I didn’t help myself no one else would. I needed to stop making excuses for not putting myself and my health first. I knew it was time to really follow through on a new way of life. So I starting telling myself everyday I will exercise and eat better. I started to follow through on all the things I promised myself .  Shortly there after each day I felt better and more alive. My husband (x-husband now) was not supportive at all. In fact I remember how he would insult me and make me cry when I was trying to lose weight. I knew I had to stay strong no matter what.  I pretty much lost everything I ever worked so hard to obtain. I surely wasn’t about to lose my health.  I did not let his words defeat me or my depression as it consumed me through divorce.  I knew once I got in better shape I was going to help others.  So that I did, and after my divorce I vowed NEVER EVER to work behind a computer all day and put myself second.  A little while after I reluctantly tried to date again  only to have my heart lied to, deceived, disrespected, betrayed and ripped apart again. This really threw me back hard.  The reason I am opening myself up to you all is so you know I am real and you can empathize with me. I struggled while many, many tears dropped from my face. Days where I didn’t want to exercise because laying around seemed more comforting.  But in reality it makes it worse. I fought through my tears, got back up, stood tall and proud and used the emotions to drive me towards a greater me. And I am spiraling upwards each day.  It was not easy for me at all.  I have no support system either except God. I know that each day when I cried God was there to comfort me.  And I pity the people who do wrong to others and have no true remorse because they have to face God one day.  I have never hurt a soul in all my life . I feel like it is my calling to help people.  I know if I’m going to make an impact and help others how my heart yearns to do, I must keep me in shape 😉  People that know me have seen the transformation, know what I have been through and truly are inspired. They compliment me often, constantly seek my advise, and ask for my help daily. These people tell me I  really make a difference in their lives.   It makes me feel good knowing I can help others and you guys are my inspiration to stay strong.  And so here it continues my journey to helping others as I helped myself and I have to say I inspired myself. I am stronger than I ever thought. I know each and every one of you has the same inside, you just have to believe. Even when life has you at a low – KNOW THIS – YOU are a Fighter and stronger than you know!

Because I have struggled my own battles, I want to share the triumph with others and help them reach their goals. I have ran marathons, done many obstacle runs, have competed in fitness competitions, one of them being Ms. Universe Bikini, enabling me to inspire others to change their lives and strive to reach goals they never thought they could reach. I have always had that helping healing personality. It makes me happy to help others.  So lets stick together, let me motivate you and  let me hear your stories.  And then we will make our own.

I have been a vegetarian almost 19 years. When I first stopped  eating “meat” it was mainly all  due to compassionate reasons. But as I started reading more, researching, and educating myself about what “meat” really is and how factory farms are behind the scenes I realized ingesting these “meats” really is not healthy. So here I am ready to share my knowledge with all of you and hope to make you all healthier. Not saying you have to completely become vegetarian, but please be open to ideas and trying new concepts. You will be amazed how good you will feel.

I believe in exercise as being one of the greatest producers of happiness.  Exercising is not always thought to be fun, but it is so worth the time spent. I innovate and incorporate fun into my workouts. In doing so you actually can enjoy your time working out with me. I believe in making it as fun as possible. I educate and inspire people to healthy and productive lifestyles. I offer customized training and diet programs that get results.  Although I’m not a Registered Dietitian. If your looking for specific medical counseling, please contact a RD or your doctor. My blog posts are based on my own personal knowledge, experience, and opinions.

Exercise helps prevent depression and also helps strengthen your immune system. Researchers show exercise is more effective then antidepressants – I  can help you do the JOB! Reaching your goals and maintaining them is my priority. I am a firm believer that effective exercise at least three days a week raises base level of happiness which increases life functionability. Exercise helps boost self esteem, improves physical health and aids with cognitive functioning. With exercise you and I will work on decreasing stress levels. It is the unsung hero!  Me, You, and Exercise will bring you to new levels of happiness! I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service.

Feel free to write any feedback here and email me any questions. I am extremely happy to help anyone of you.

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