Better Dating Tips!

Lets have some fun.. I am here to help the people who have troubles with dates or in general making friends.  Or well I am here to just flat-out amuse some of This definitely will not be the first I write of this topic regardless  if I am in a relationship or not I will always try to give advise on love and relationships as I always have done for people my whole life. Many of you know I am an extremely goofy woman so do not take anything too serious I say, but take most of it into consideration.

Where on earth did class and morals go?  It’s beyond my comprehension how they are deteriorating. I am praying dear lord we get them back. Parents take more time with your children, teach and bond with them more. Teachers please try to fill the void when neglectful parents are uninvolved.

Being single I have tried to date, but find that I would rather just go out with my friends and meet people for many reasons.  One major reason is because I am pretty selective.  I’m not into the speed dating or the serial dating so they call it. lol Another reason could be that I am just not into meeting up with guys and feeling like I am under pressure. Many times these dates feel like job interviews . Blah ..soo exhausting,. Who wants that? I am sure some of you can relate.

So here goes my dating advise for now.  Let me touch on a word I think has been forgotten ..Courtship!!! Do you guys remember what that is? I feel like it has drifted away for some reason…ahem .. Internet dating, insecurities and lack of concern for others all are attributing factors for the dissipation of courtship. Some guys seriously need to practice the P’s  and Q’s of life .   Fellas and yes ladies you to pay attention! First of all guys do not expect a woman of with good morals and character to come to you first date. Guys make a plan, be a man and stick to it ! Simple. Can you take charge, plan something and don’t ask the female to come to your house. It it extremely tacky.

And as we continue on, the advise gets better for the  actual date day.  Hygiene is sooo important. I can not stress enough. Just in general everyday living. Please be clean, smell nice, have nicely groomed hair and NO DIRTY NAILS!! If you don’t own a toothbrush please go invest asap. Yellow teeth are very disgusting and your breath is going to be even worse! If you have a mullet please, please, please, please hire a friendly hairdresser. The neighborhood barber will do quite fine I am sure. NO mullets or patchy fuzz on your face.  The patchy hair looks messy and it doesn’t feel nice either! Trim your nails and I certainly do not wanna see dirty nails. Go get some good hand cleaner cause its a deal breaker for sure.  Makes you wonder where those finger have been. ewwww.. And I am not really sure why people wear fanny packs! I didn’t even know they still make them.. Way out of style and no longer in this decade of fashion so lets toss them.

I know most guys want a female to look all pretty so guys try equally and put forth some effort. NO tighty tight shirts, no buttons down with extra curly chest hair coming out. Looks like a bush ready to attack .  Like Donald trumps head. lol. Manscape guys really.. its gross.. If you insist on unbuttoning a few buttons if your fancy enough not to wear the tightly homo tank please shave your chest! It’s not 1979 . You are not John Travolta and they make good quality razors for this now! I shave 5 body parts and wax, thread and tweeze my face. So again let’s try to be sexy back!

rose shot glass-001

Nope . Not gonna happen!!

I touched a bunch on how you should and should not look. Now I will tell you guys some general rules. Please do not by any means think it is ok to get crazy drunk the first date. It conveys lack of self-control. It does not make a good first impression and could implicate you have a drinking problem. Do not try to get your date drunk either. Do not push drinks on top of her left and right. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. I also get the impression you are expecting something. Having sex right away should not be what you want when you first meet someone. Have some pride and self-respect. You don’t know who you’re dealing with, where they have been and it’s just plan better when you are comfortable . Me personally,  here is a crazy SECRET I will tell you all if your still reading… wait for it, wait for it.. I DO NOT HAVE CASUAL SEX!! yep I said it!!  I think many people do, so I guess I am rare. I am not saying do or don’t . I am just saying I think you should not  be so quick to before you know the person  a bit. Me personally, I do not prefer it, nor like it, and I do not want that in my life right now.  I am praying for something wonderful to find his way to me.. Anyways back to the advise.. No pushing shots. Yuck A good woman will be turned off by this. Huge guys, HUGE,…. Do not get sloppy and try to grope on her. It is disgusting . Instantly I am wanting to leave . Are you that desperate that you have to man handle a woman. Go home and take a cold shower Jeez. No touching. Unless your date is giving you that vibe which at that point I wouldn’t want to anyways if I were you because if she s that easy she  is not worth it.

rose butt grab-001

Getting drunk is no excuse to grope!
Hands OFF! You Don’t Want No Drama

Very importantly when your on a date be yourself! Do not laugh at everything she says, do not be controlling and DO be a good listener. Be real, be funny and make conversation. Don’t be a drag and have nothing to say. Its awkward and lord is it boring. Do not kiss her butt, have your own identity because it will all eventually come out. Do not waste time it will only cause hurt and drama later on if there is more time spent together.  A Big No No- “A cheapskate” . GROSSSSS – Live a little, have a good time and don’t stress over the money. If you can not afford to go on a date then you have no business going period.

With the divorce rate up I am worried about people and relationships .  I am so worried about love lasting in our times and keeping romance alive. Guys if the date has gone well take it slow. Do not be pushy and do NOT stalk her. Do not cling to her or be annoying. You may get the nickname “Stage 5 Clinger” so beware If your looking for love enter with caution, have patience and don’t push her away.  Invest the time with her and get to know her. Most likely if she wants you to invest more time she is worth every bit of the time and her heart will be special.  Communication is key to any healthy long lasting relationship. A woman that knows what she wants wont play games and neither should a man. Mature hearts will grow in love and the benefits of these feelings will be breath-taking..

– R

DON’T Deprive Yourself! DO Indulge on Your Favorite Food :)

People please do not think Diet means you go on a crash course of starving yourself of your favorite foods. A diet should be an everyday lifestyle change . It’s all mental.  Just vow to eat better .  It’s like a marriage if your don’t commit to it well then you know what happens. It WON’T WORK!  At least this is just your decision to make. A marriage takes two people.  So if one person cheats and doesn’t stay committed your ass out!  This is much easier people because you  solely have all the control over this.  I promise you that once you make the changes you will  feel better, in turn not  wanting to go back to eating greasy, fried and oily any longer.  Once or twice a week indulge on  something you love.  It’s a mental game also. If you keep your favorite foods from yourself you will binge in excess and then get discouraged.   So again do NOT deprive yourself!  It’s not that hard.  I treat myself to cookies once or twice a week, sometimes too many at one time. But that’s ok I will double up on my exercise the next day or at least try.. lol. Just don’t get discouraged on your cheat day.  It is ok and your allowed to do it! Just start the next day on a clean slate.

DON’T Go hungry! Everyday Eating! DO Eat Every 2-3 hours

I know this is a break from the habitual routine for most, but KEY to losing weight and keeping it off (unless your an endurance athlete) is eating smaller frequent meals.    Endurance athletes are an exception because they need to eat more  so they do not fatigue in their long hours of training.  People I am promising you this!!  Coming from being a former heavy chevy at a period in my life I am telling you this is SOLID!   Going hungry is evil.  You tend to overeat when you finally do get food and then your weighed down . Your body can not digest and break the food down fast enough so in consequence fat is stored. Trust me through my experience eating more frequent smaller meals helps regulate blood sugar, gives you more energy during the day, controls cravings and keeps hunger at bay.  Of course pick healthy foods to eat.  Each meal should contain  lean- or low-fat proteins such as low-fat dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk), eggs, nuts, beans, and soy (if you must a “meat” ),  fiber,  some carbohydrate for fuel and a little healthy fat.  For good nutrition, try to include at least one fruit or veggie in each meal.   I gain nothing from telling you this except that it works and I help teach you.