Lets Really Talk Soy!

I am really sick and tired of the rumors that soy foods are bad for you. I know there’s a lot of hearsay about how it can cause hormonal imbalances, and not be good for you, but it takes one fool to make people believe a rumor. Let’s debunk this noise with some facts and science! I really want people to know truth. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask me I will get back with you.

Soy products include tofu, some vegetarian replacement foods such as veggie burgers and Veggie “meats”, soy milk and edamame. Also Tempeh, Natto (known to be a good blood thinner.) and miso, which are said to be considered the better of the soy products because they are fermented and no trypsin inhibitors are used.  The fermentation process of soy may improve mineral absorption and may give rise to other beneficial compounds, but nothing’s been proven that this process is superior to unfermented where trypsin inhibitors are used. In fact soy foods in China and Japan have been unfermented for the last thousand years.

Much of the aggressive slander about soy comes from the imitation estrogen in Soy called isoflavones. These Isoflavones mimic estrogen in the body called  phyto-estrogen.   While soy does not have estrogens, the isoflavones in soy are estrogen-like, and soy can function like estrogen to alleviate hot flashes associated with menopause and reduce bone loss.  Also the isoflavones are asscociated with lowering cancer rates among Asians who consumed more soy than any other culture.


soy 1

Non fermented soy

Soy products are a great source of protein and calcium, and has been repeatedly studied for having substantial benefits.   Studies done by the FDA in 1999 and 2005 found soy foods safe were good in staying off coronary heart disease and certain forms of cancer. They’re rich in Omega 3 and 6, which help the immune and cardiovascular systems and also support brain functionality. It’s been proven to lower cholesterol, as per a USDA study. Research shows that isoflavones prevent the onset of osteoporosis and may protect against various forms of cancer for both male and female. In 1995 soy protein was recognized for lowering cholesterol and in 1999 the US food and drug administration approved the claim.  From 1991 to 2000 a US study with thousands of woman with results showed in four studies show that post diagnosis soy intake improves the prognosis in woman who have had breast cancer.   And, no, it doesn’t do anything bad to your thyroid. Studies done by the National Institute of Health in 2006 have shown it doesn’t affect it at all.


soy 2


And there are plenty of benefits for MEN too.   DO not believe the ridiculous rumors that soy is not good for  you. Please refer to the scientific research studies of Mark Messina. http://www.soyconnection.com/sites/default/files/soy-mens-health.pdf

Or, if you don’t feel like clicking, here’s a quick summary:

The way the isoflavones work is to attach themselves to estrogen receptors in the human body and actually keep estrogen levels low. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, hosts a highly respected medical journal called “Ferility and Sterility”.  Recently  they published an article and there was no evidence from the  nine clinical studies done on humans that  isoflavone exposure affected levels of estrogene in the male body. The studies also showed that the soy intake did not reduce sperm or semen parameters even at a higher intake levels.  In fact there was a six month long study with couples that were having trouble conceiving proved men with a  low sperm count to increase to normal and the couples were able to conceive. And if that wasn’t enough, research has shown that isoflavones prevent the onset of osteoporosis and may protect against various forms of cancer for both male and female.

Ten Great reasons to include soy for your kids

  1. Soy provides essential nutrients for growth and development such as calcium, zinc, iron and folate.
  2. Soy is a high-quality source of protein.
  3. Soy can provide added fiber to kids’ diets, which generally need a boost.
  4. The neutral flavor of soy allows for use with extreme flavors.
  5. Soy product development is possible for every imaginable food category.
  6. Soy blends well with other ingredients.
  7. Combining soy protein with cereal grains increases protein quantity and quality in cereal products.
  8. Soy is a cost-effective ingredient, making it ideal for food service and for products that fit into the family budget.
  9. Parents respond favorably to seeing soy on the ingredient label and consider foods containing soy to be healthy.
  10. Low-calorie, nutrient-dense soyfoods can help reduce malnutrition and combat the obesity epidemic.
Time to add some sarcastic, bitchy, but funny humor in this debate. First off the people that speak negative about soy are going off research done on mice. LOL  Are we rats? Or do we even come close to resembling a rodent ? Why in the hell do we torture these poor animals trying to relate them to us. These torturous tests can not predict the effects for humans . Duh, isn’t it obvious?? You can not duplicate the complexities in the human organisms to an animals. Which leads me recommending  you guys read an amazing Book called “When Elephants Weep”.
This book not only will give you instances how animals have feelings,  it also makes a point to teach us that testing on animals will never be compared to the human body. Hello people haven’t we learned by now ? This is why we haven’t found the cure for cancer!  We are doing it all wrong.
If you want to educate yourselves further please check out Jeffrey Massons book and link below.

In conclusion PLEASE consider the totality of the scientific research with humans not rodents.  And FYI soy is MUCH better for you than meat!  It’s up to you if you want to eat soy all the time, but keep up with the studies and don’t believe every rumor you come across. Unless allergic, which is relatively rare, soyfoods are a great part of your diet.:)  SO NOM IT UP!!


elephants and soy

We have feelings too bro…





My Cali journeys so far, trials, tribulations, triumphs, sex, love and pain

All of what you are about to read is a serious of non fictitious events in my life for the past several months. Everything you are about to read is all truth. Absolutely nothing is made up, even as crazy … Continue reading

Is God a Guy??

So I went to call God to ask if he was man or woman, but the number I was given kept putting me on hold and transferring me ..  Jeez .. go figure. Let me break it down for you fellas whether or not God is man , woman, neutral, or spirit, I want you all to know how hard us woman have it.  In this post I am showing you it is not easy for us woman to get our sexy on.  I want you all to have a healthy understanding how much us woman undergo. Allow me to bond you with us woman, providing you insight so you must love us with the understanding the strength we have.

Physically us woman have it so much harder. Seriously we have to work way harder with keeping our sexy fit body’s.  I work my butt off exercising literally I do.. lol.  A mans composition is naturally stronger. Most men on average have more muscle and bone mass therefore making it more challenging for woman to burn calories and get a slim tone shaped figure. So give us proper credit and bare with us. Also physically we have to go through menstrual cycle, child-bearing and menopause. Ok funny one here… ready for this one… There is really only one normal week of the month for a womans hormones so enjoy that week guys.  A female bleeds one week, then she ovulates approximately one, then here is your normal week guys ..LOL. Come week four she is PMS’ing . That means premenstrual syndrome, which occurs the week before her period. PMS includes bloating, cramping, mood swings, weight gain and depression just to name a few.   Yearly gyno exams UGHH!! Also child-bearing and menopause …. BLAHH !!! Do I even need to go there with you guys??.. LOL. You guys for one day seriously just pay attention to what we have to go through I bet you would relate a whole lot better.

Emotionally I know I can speak for most woman including myself we are way more sensitive creatures. A woman has a nurturing caring maternal instinct which gives her an overly loving innate sense.  Listen to us. Give us attention.  Empathize with us. It is not that hard. NEWS FLASH **** Emotionally if a womans needs are not filled she may stray away, unlike a male they can stay for any reason like a wild dog in the streets ..LOL  Sorry to all you good loyal men. Had to… Woman can be very insecure with themselves. Guys it is your JOB to make the woman your interested in feel secure! End of story. If you want her to believe in you as Rihanna says make her feel like she is the only girl in the world.

Now the fun part starts. Here is where I wanna call God and have a long chat. Why is it that I and most woman have to go super duper beyond what men normally do to keep sexy?  When men they just… well don’t have to put in half the effort. UGHHH. Nails, hairs, heels,  do you know how much heels hurt?? .. Guys do not expect to get a fine YOUNGER woman if your rocking a U shape hair cut, all grey hairs, untamed hair all over your body and bad teeth . If we dye our hairs and maintain ourselves so why shouldn’t you?  I whiten my teeth, floss and keep my dentist appointments .  There is no such thing as AUTO FLOSS! LOL .  Us woman stress over makeup, laser, waxing, tweezing, wrinkle creams, nowadays surgeries.. I shave everyday practically. You all wanna look for sexiness well heck so do us woman. So fellas put in effort and work it!!!   We want a nicely groomed man too!  Don’t you wonder why Channing Tatum is a huge star?  He is FINE .  Let me say that again   F I N E!  He manscapes, has great hygiene and takes care of himself all the way around. And he can shake his junk.. LOL

hairs dids 8

Dying my hair because I have been getting grays for ten years now. The first one I named .. LOL

threaded 88


Right down to shopping we have to worry about sexy bras, underwear, purses, dresses, make up and so on.. You guys don’t really wear any lingerie  … do you? I am not talking Halloween, but everyday life. Do not get me wrong I love to shop, but guys understand we have so much more we have to worry about.  Everyday I take care of myself from moisturizing my skin, to washing my hair, finding the right makeup (even though I don’t wear much I like the natural look), down to keeping my teeth whitened. Hygiene is so important. A clean body and a healthy smile will help you feel more confident. That confidence gives you the will to spread your happy and smile for others.

makeup arghh 88

YUP! I use all of this and then some. Welcome to my world.

I have to say bravo to all of the woman out there trying their best in this world and to the men who are respecting their woman.   I want you guys to appreciate a good strong woman chances are she has been through so much.  And to answer the question is God a Guy ??.. HMMM no way, but not sure why woman have it harder.  I know one thing is for sure we are a lot stronger than we realize.  I know my heart along with my strength makes me an unstoppable beautiful woman here to help most anyone.

– R

rose dresses 88

Just took this picture today. It is not easy being me. LOL

woman god 8

Be strong enough to kick evil in the face!

This post was dedicated to a certain person who requested I write about this topic…

The Fountain of My Youth

So many people say to me.. “Wow! Your how old?”  lol…   Not only do I look younger than I am, I act and feel it as well.  If you wanna know my age feel free to comment.. I may tell ya. :p  NOPE, NO surgeries at all!  No doctors ever, I am all natural people!!  What you see is what you get! I hide nothing, I am always honest,  and try to add fun to peoples lives. I am going to so graciously share my fountain of youth with you. Together we will slow down our aging..   Come live a longer life with me:) Lets Go!!

I believe in my heart if you follow these 5 factors you will look and feel as young as me!  I am going to give you my top five. There are more ways you can keep youthful, but these 5 work very well for me.  I feel amazing all day energy as I beat fatigue. The very last thing I tell you is my biggest secret.

lacy and me eating 8

Nothing Like sharing a whole pizza pie with one of your best buddies!

First, let me tell you having pet companionship is one of the most wonderful joys of all.  Animals keep me smiling, laughing and decrease depression.  I run, play, laugh, kiss and also share my foods with my furry friends .  The joy is so genuine . Unconditional love from the animals as they do not know malice.  The playfulness will keep you on your toes.  There is nothing like sweet puppy kisses. I love, love, love doggies so much!! So much happiness in my heart with them in my life.

Second, find fun everyday hobbies or events that you like to do. Me, there really is not much I do not like. I am very open-minded.  I am also very social for the most part and enjoy social gatherings with many different friends.  One hobby I hold dear is music. I write, listen and dance to it very frequently. Examples of the events I engage in are; charity events, concerts, and obstacle runs.  You can even do most of these with your children. This makes for great bonding experiences. As long as I am with friends laughing and smiling my stress level remains low.

rose dj 88

Listening and playing fun music is one of the greatest positive mood boosters

Third, find NEW ventures to partake in.  Similar to number two in a way, but take it a bit further out of your comfort zone. Be involved, make exciting life changes.  Take photos, embrace memories, have exciting stories to tell.  Learning an instrument, taking dance lessons,  signing up for a language course,  cooking new Nommy foods, and learning how to dive are all some prime examples of how being involved will make you feel young.  Go on a wild date or two.. haha. Even if your in a relationship you should still be having those fun date nights with each other!  These ventures should help decrease muscle tension in your body and you will feel more alive.  Goof off, do something you were afraid to do and just pursue different things.  It will keep you excited as you will have things to look forward to. I have done all of the above and it feels pretty damn good! I plan to continue on my path with exciting adventures.

cookie rose 2

Getting goofy with my oh so favorite protein packed chocolate chip cookies.. Added bonus shown in the middle is PB & J sandwich cookies..

rose dress 1

picking out something to wear for a social event… trying to keep a straight face without a laugh. lol

Now you guys knew this was coming …. My fourth factor in my youthfulness, so powerful is diet and exercise.  This is a no brainer for all you guys that know me. But know this exercising your mouth by smiling is super awesome.  🙂  I am always trying to make people smile. Exercising the rest of your body and eating smarter has so many benefits needless to say. Eat cleaner! Less butters, oils and creams! Craps that will make you feel drained.

Fifthly, my greatest share with you all is my water consumption!! YES! that is it!! My greatest fountain of youth revealed. Drink water! Some of the benefits from drinking plenty of water daily are; youthful beauty (including ski, hair and nails), regulation of a healthy body, and increased energy.

Drinking water gives you a natural beauty boost. Water will keep your skin clean as it flushes out the dirt that clogs the pours. The water consumption actually keeps your skin tight and toned as your cells are filled with water thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles, less flabby skin and a smoother look.  Drinking water hydrates the cells of your hair and nails  making them shiny and sexy as hell.

Another benefit of nomming on water is a healthy and detoxed body. Drink up guys do not get dehydrated. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger. Drink up you feel less hungry because your full but also the feeling of hunger fades as you get hydrated. Also drinking water flushes your organs out detoxing you. As the toxins are flushed this helps prevent diseases. Also nomming on the wonderful drink  lubricates your joints and prevents kidney stones.

And energy, ahh energy the thing I have so much of …Water aids in the building of muscles, weight loss, and burning of fat. Keeping hydrated also prevents fatigue. Oh and drinking water before bed when you had some Vodka or whatever your liquor of choice is helps to prevent a hangover.  lol. DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!! Its a win win! Just do not chug it all in one sitting :p

On average you should drink minimum 6 glasses of water since you lose it so easily without exercise. You lose water daily just by breathing, average perspiration and urination. So in order to gain the most benefit I advise drinking more than the average recommended. Especially if you are active.  I drink at least Ten bottles of water a day! There it is guys MY GREATEST secret for MY FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH 🙂 …  Enjoy

– R

Thirsty woman drinks spring bottled water

Drink water!!! Lots and lots of water!! NOM some H20

Experiencing Resentment – How to Release It

Holding onto resentment can be so unhealthy. These feelings can affect our lives in a unpleasant manner. I am going to give you guys my advise on releasing those feelings through my own experience.

I am about to get real personal as I take you on a quick emotional journey.  I am a bit embarrassed to share some of this, but I’m opening up so you all can relate if you endure resentment of any kind.  My purpose is to make you realize that when your feeling badly hurt you know you can heal.  I share this to help everyone stay positive when they feel lost. Or when your down you will see things do get better.  I promise you.  Most of my posts are funny, but there is a time to be non humorous and it is now.

Recently I have experienced a great deal of resentment.  After my divorce I was going through a terrible time emotionally. I wondered if I could even allow myself to love again.  This was a 15 year relationship I was trying to get past. My husband pulled out of the marriage, but my heart was still very much in it as I considered marriage a life time commitment. It took almost about a year after my husband was gone, I felt like I was being rescued from a hurt, dark, confused time when a man came into my life and my heart was so warmly sparked again. I was able to feel love, express and give it once again. I thought my heart was closed to this.  My emotions were perplexed, I was caught off guard and nervous because this came rather unexpected.  Sadly,  after about two years of trying to make that relationship work we came to a very bitter ending. I was torn to pieces.   I gave him everything I could possibly think of including the idea of children as we even tried.. So when we just could not make it work I became very closed off,  highly depressed and pretty much shut down with my own internal will or desire for love.  Resentment had totally taken control over me.

As resentment consumed me I never knew I could cry so very much.  The crying was for the 10-year-old me who couldn’t understand why her father never loved her. The tears kept pouring asking why my husband abandoned me in the marriage, and they intensified as I questioned how could my last lover hurt me so much.

As I cried and cried I knew I had a ridiculously loving heart. A heart I am so proud of  because even though I have been so hurt it still remains so loving and pure.  I called to God. I knew God was by my side giving me strength.  Part of my strength is knowing what my tears tell me.. My tears show me I am a wonderful, caring woman.  A woman who loved so much her heart was able to carry scars.  If I never loved or cared I would not have these tears along with these feelings. I was so hurt rethinking and replaying …how could  these men be so mean.  Lies, betrayal and deceit, these men lost their concept of morality.. But their actions are not in my control.   I knew these men were lying and it hurt so very much!! I could not cope with it. I knew with both of those relationships I had to let go.  I was being severely trampled on and no one should be treated this way.  They mistook my kind heart for being weak,  took me for granted, did whatever they wanted for their own benefit while disregarding me as a loving woman by their side. (this abuse is another whole separate topic to touch one day)  I knew that I would hurt without them, but I was hurting so much with them.  None of that was easy for me. Many nights I prayed for my tears to lessen. I cry about my pain as well as these people.  I have learned to forgive most people for the hurts they inflicted as holding that in doesn’t hurt anyone but myself.  I know that God will deal with those people especially if they do not make right their wrongs with the ones they hurt.  God will ask them “why”?  I am talking about anyone on earth that wrongs others. I am not  just talking specifically my past relationships, although I am sure the same will apply. I prayed for my heart to seek forgiveness. Do not get me wrong forgiveness is not a sign of weakness.  Because you forgive does not mean your condoning the other persons actions. It is a way to close a door.  It makes you the better person.  I know I have hurt no one and when it is my time I will go out from this earth very proud of who I am!

crying 2

Crying is the souls proof your heart is amazing

I am very intuitive and feel I have somewhat of a sixth sense. Often I connect to others like myself. In the event I feel that the connection is choppy and some people need me in their lives for healing or guidance I believe God puts me there for a reason.  Could it be I have helped these men? I know I have in many ways. I have always had that kind of helping personality, but it has become more prevalent as time moves on.  So here I am placed to share my great healing message to all of you suffering from being hurt and carrying these powerful emotions of resentment.  I know it’s not easy, but hang in there time will heal most.  Very importantly I want you to express yourself  in full, love yourself, gain strength and confidence.  Talk about your feelings to friends.  Know that it ‘s ok to be hurt. It shows your a loving person. Love yourself for it!  Let your wounds turn to proud scars.  Embrace that your stronger for what you have went through. Take everything as a learning experience.

bible 1

Praying and giving all my stress to the lord. Asking to help me forgive the ones who have really hurt me deeply. Keep my heart so loving, how it was ultimately made

me and jason 2

God has given me wonderful friends that help me smile everyday and amazing things happen like seeing shooting stars together:)

When we forgive we can alleviate our resentment. It can be very unhealthy to hold in resentment. It may turn to anger, negativity and you could change how you look at life.  I know the effects of resentment impacted my attitude. I had become very reserved and that’s not me. It can also affect your sleep patterns also which we all know is not healthy at all.   I am not saying that you must let go and forgive someone who hurts you as soon as it happens. There are stages of emotions you will need to allow yourself to process. You let emotions of hurt, anger,  and sadness all pass.  Its natural. Then with some passing time you must turn it to God and let it off your chest.   Or it will interrupt your life.. you won’t smile every day like you want.   Let no one take your smile! Love is the very reason we are all here.  Nothing or No one shall take that from your soul. 🙂  Love and you will be loved…

If anyone of you need me I will be here for you to express yourself… Help you to process your emotional stages and gain the strength to let go.  Feel free to comment.


– R

Protein Awareness and the Low Down on Isolates

This is the best way I can explain to you all in short about good proteins and the honest truth on isolates. There are so many protein products out now and so much misinformation on them. So many of these greedy butt big corporate companies scheming an scamming the quickest and cheapest way to make a buck. I’m here to protect you guys..lol.  I will go get my cape on.. lol.   😉 I am going to tell you that anything saying isolate on it stay free and clear. Hurry and run far far away from. I am also going to recommend per request by many of you guys some really good powders and bars I Nomm on daily.

Isolated protein is put in so many protein bars and powders then sold in most all health food stores.  But watch out Isolated proteins go through a harsh chemical process!! This is so not good for us. Please read all labels before you buy these products. Isolated proteins have been processed with heat and acid are processed to remove fat which then becomes overly processed and left damaged .  The healthy properties are removed and  it becomes nutritionally deficient, stripped from key amino acids and nutritional co -factors. Some even contain dangerous levels of  metals including arsenic and lead. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK – I WILL PASSS!

Protein isolate doesn’t have the alkalizing minerals that are needed to balance the acidity of the protein. This means that you should stay away from all whey isolate, hemp isolate, most all casein isolate (almost all casein) or  even soy isolate , anything that reads isolate. So many nasty cheap bars out there and powders that have isolates in the ingredients! Pay attention and read the labels I can not stress enough. These cheap crappy proteins will hurt your stomach and also give you bad gas. UGHH!! These are extremely acidifying. If you keep using them in large amounts unbalanced by alkalizing foods, you risk metabolic acidosis. In short metabolic acidosis is a condition in which the body produces to much acid and shutdowns. The kidneys can not take it and may shut down. This can be fatal. I know a lot about this because my dog is extremely diabetic.  So I have done a lot of research.  The metabolic acidosis also affects your muscle and bone tissues. Your calcium may deplete from your bone to aid this digestion as well as creates cellular congestion and increased vulnerability to degenerative disease. This increased vulnerability may lead to cancer.

Cancer cells do not survive in an alkaline environment. They simply die.  But they sure can thrive in an acidic environment. To sum it up for you what I’m getting at is that the protein isolates are adding to the build up of dreaded acidic environments in your body which in turn have great risk for cancer.

When you start to focus on a really great diet and as you increase your proteins more you need to take into consideration you should support it with more plant food.  NOM on more veggies guys you can not go wrong! Mostly all plant foods are alkalizing, that’s besides certain grains and some nuts and seeds.

I have touched on this is a previous blog post but again a good diet is a balanced diet! Which includes all the major building blocks like fats, proteins and carbs.  NOTE THIS – acidic and alkalizing foods must be balanced! To get the best quality proteins look for protein concentrate rather than isolates. Plant based protein powders is  what I highly recommend. The ones I ingest frequently I list for you below.  Of course you have to taste them to find what you like best. Trial and error like anything else.  But most of the organic and Raw  plant based proteins are the best. The Raw is awesome because it gives us energies and helps our digestive system work!

protein 1

Powders on my counter

Complete veggie Proteins that I use.

Here is a link of one

Here is my most bought list for you guys;

Sun Warrior Protein Natural -Sun Warrior Protein Raw Vegan At 85% protein, Sun Warrior has the highest (non-soy) raw whole grain sprouted vegan protein content on the market. Great tasting with a silky smooth texture. Contains all 9 essential and non-essential amino acids in a perfectly balanced Amino Acid Profile. 98% to 99% digestion efficiency. Hypoallergenic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free.

Genuine Health – Vegan Proteins Natural Vanilla Flavor- Vegan proteins+ is simply the best-tasting complete vegan protein source. The 100% vegan formula is made from a perfect combination of 5 easy to digest protein sources: pea, cranberry, brown rice, alfalfa and hemp. BR Not a vegan or vegetarian? Maximize the performance of your current protein supplement by rotating it with Vegan proteins+. Leading health experts recommend rotating your protein supplement ( protein cycling ) every couple of weeks to avoid developing intolerances or mild allergies to your regular protein source. Vegan proteins+ does not contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, corn, dairy, egg, wheat, soy, yeast or animal products. Vegan protein blend: pea protein isolate, sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, cranberry protein, alfalfa protein concentrate, organic hemp seed protein) *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and disease. **26.1g of Vegan proteins+ protein blend provides 20g of dietary protein.

Biochem Sports 100% Vegan Protein Powder – Go vegan for vitality and fitness. Veganism has now become a way of life for more and more people across the world. For those of you who prefer vegan foods, Biochem Sports 100% Vegan Protein Powder is the way to go. It comes with highly digestible pea protein, organic hemp protein and cranberry protein that give you the health and goodness of vegan food all packed into one along with a yummy taste of vanilla. It’s an excellent source of protein and is lactose-, wheat- and gluten-free. Plus, it has no added sodium. Just for you: For anyone who desires additional protein in their daily diet. A Closer Look: Biochem Sports 100% Vegan Protein Powder also contains hemp, which is a valuable source of amino acid-rich complete protein that supplements your body to rejuvenate the muscle fibers. Dietary concerns: Free of yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, milk, preservatives, artificial color and artificial flavor. Usage: For Adults, mix two (2) scoops (36.5g) (1.28 oz.) with 1 1/2 cups (12 fl. oz..)(354mL) of cold water or your favorite beverage. Stir briskly until it gets dissolved. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  (Shown in Picture Above)

Garden of Life Organic Raw Protein– Now you can unlock the nutritive power of living seeds and grains with RAW Protein from Garden of Life — a certified organic, raw, vegan protein powder. Featuring 14 raw and organic sprouts, RAW Protein is an excellent source of complete protein, providing 17 grams, or 35% of the Daily Value, plus all essential amino acids. RAW Protein contains Vitamin Code fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and supports digestive health and function with live protein-digesting enzymes and powerful probiotics. (Shown in Picture Above)

Vega Sport Performance Protein – is a broad spectrum formulation of synergistic, complementary plant-based ingredients, each chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Taken regularly in conjunction with exercise, Vega Sport Performance Protein will help strengthen, tone, repair and regenerate your body for improved health and performance.( Vega Brand Shown in Picture Above)

San Nutrition – Raw Fusion Vanilla Bean- Each scoop of Rawfusion contains 21 grams of a custom bio-fermented, allergen, GMO and animal free plant protein fusion designed for the maximum assimilation and absorption in the human body. Rawfusion comes from pea protein isolate, brown rice sprouted and artichoke protein concentrate swirled in the delicious omega fatty acid rich sunflower oil matrix. The Rawfusion amino acid profile contains over 4,500 mg of BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) per 1 scoop and mimics that of whey/milk and is rich in glutamine. If you want to manage your weight, increase vitality, curb your appetite or simply want to add quality macro-nutrients to your diet… add Rawfusion Protein to your training table. You’ll be glad you did.

bars 1

Bars I nom on frequently

Vega Natural Plant-Based Protein Bars— A delicious, post-workout bar packed with 15 grams of complete, plant-based protein, Vega Sport Protein Bar is formulated to strengthen and regenerate muscles. Like Performance Protein, Vega Sport Protein Bars feature SaviSeeds, a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan and Omega 3s. Enjoy Vega Sport Protein Bars after training or use it as a delicious protein-supplementing snack.

RAW REVOLUTION Organic Raw Food Bar– Raw, organic foods are closest to their natural state and are packed with nutrients; bars are a good source of fiber and protein bars are vegan and they do not contain gluten, wheat, corn, soy, trans fat, cholesterol or refined sugar. (Shown in Picture Above)

Pure Organic Pure Bar, Chocolate Brownie – Dark organic cocoa and walnuts with omega-3s and antioxidants. But we know, we had you at brownie. Vegan. Non-GMO Project, verified. USDA organic. Contains walnuts which naturally supply omega-3s. Certified gluten-free. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International

Organic Food Bar Protein Bar– 24 GRAMS OF PROTEIN Cold processed High energy 100% organic 100% Vegetarian Gluten free GMO Free Up to 100% Raw No preservatives, additives, salt, coatings, refined sugar, soy, peanuts or diary. Certified Kosher- (Shown in Picture Above)

Greens Plus Energy Bars, Amazon Chocolate– Greens Plus combines certified organic Green Foods with High-ORAC Superfruits, Dates, Almond Butter, Hemp protein and Honey to produce the only cold-processed, alkaline-forming, organic energy bar. The Organic Energy Bar delivers simple carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and biologically-complete protein to supply a steady stream of energy throughout the day. Perfect for athletes seeking an edge, students, travelers, and children of all ages. (Shown in Picture Above)


and then of course……… drum roll Please!!…..
My Protein Cookies– (Shown in Picture Above)-  see recipe page – lol

Feel better- Feel Alive! :))))))))


– R

Feeling Stressed and Why Working Out Helps

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Stress Relieving

So through my life lately I have been feeling so much stress. And so many of you feel stressed as well , so I know many of you can relate .. My life has taken a huge turn because I got divorced and I needed to make a new start. Unfortunately as touched on  somewhat in “my story” section the next long-term relationship ended sadly with betrayal, broken promises and a huge hurt heart for myself.  Again I tell you this because I want you all to know this does not come easy for me.  It is NOT easy for me to get motivated.  I push myself every single day!!!  I push through my pain!  I am my own motivator and if I can help you guys I will.  I am managing to pick up the pieces and focus my energies on helping others. I  invest my time caring for people from the heart as genuinely as I can. New starts are no picnic and dating doesn’t alleviate stress either. lol  Long story short I am re inventing my life, with that being said comes a lot of stress. I promise you all exercise will help!

I want to emphasize how great a role exercise plays into this stress for me. The exercise is very therapeutic . It provides an outlet into my emotions, allowing me to channel stress and relieve anxiety. Moreover as you engage in physical activity you decrease the levels of depression.  You do not have to run a marathon. lol  Much of my exercise routine involves circuit training. My routines consist of a variety of strength training combined with cardio. While I am training my brain secretes endorphins which promote a healthy exercise high.  New research studies have shown that by including strength training into your routine you increase your endorphin levels by more than 60 percent.  So to decrease your daily stress levels and help promote a trouble-free mind add more into your exercise routine than just cardio.  And by me saying add strength training to your routine doesn’t necessarily mean weights. You can do plyometrics and isometrics.  You can do these exercises anywhere. Plyometrics involves rapid and repeat stretching of your muscles and its designed to build strength, power and speed.  And an example of Plyo would be push ups.  Isometrics involved static contradiction of your muscles without any movement. And an example of Iso would be a simple squat or plank hold for 30 seconds or however long you wish to hold.

Research showed the number one thing to reduce mental stress and most medical issues is at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. The most common form of exercise was walking. I’ll take it! As long as you’re getting up and doing something makes me happy and proud.  Do not put your health at risk! You will be happy you did it. You will also feel much better about yourself . So what are you waiting for .. Gooo!

Eating Right and Balanced for Everyday Life

Notice how I worded the topic for this post.  Everyday life, by this I mean there is NO such thing as a short-term crash diet. I needed to cover this topic mandatory ASAP. Many of my clients and friends do not know about proper eating basics and even what food groups are about. So here I am going to break it down as simple as I can.

First I am going to tell you why eating properly is so important.  I encourage eating a balance diet to everyone every single day.  I ask my clients what they eat and the answers I get hurt my ears. Many of them just eat protein or just eat carbs and the biggest thing is not eating enough throughout the day.  OOUCHHHH to me!!  Let me tell you a balance diet contains proper amounts of necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and activity. Which is eating at the same time protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Here is the break down into these three groups for everyone, they are;


Plant Based- tempeh, lentils, edamame, beans, veggie burger, Quinoa, nuts, brown and black rice, spinach

I highly suggest trying to eat as many plant-based proteins instead of meat. There are a million reasons why and I will touch more on that in my days on this blog, but just to name a few reasons the health of our planet and the health of most individuals would greatly improve.   Diets light on meat (dead animals) show a significant reduction in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and newer studies are even saying Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.


Nom Nom NOm . I love carbs. You sometimes hear many people say cut your carb intake or lower it. NOM- sense. Thats ridiculous. Balance on the numbers I gave you.  Get them in!! Carbs are very important, essential they keep you going and give you energies. Maybe that’s why I have so much!! People ask me how do I have so much energies. Well it’s because I never neglect my carbs. I try not to over indulge, but I make sure I have them. And I mainly have good carbs by that I mean complex carbohydrates such as grains ( multi-grains) and veggies over simple carbs that include potatoes and sugars. The complex carbs give me a constant source of feel good because they are slower to convert to energy. Try to limit your simple carbohydrates which are sugars that can lead to sharp rises and drops in blood levels.

Complex Carbs=

Fresh fruit

Non-starchy veggies

Whole grains and Multi grains (such as certain types of bread and cereal)

And these contain both carbs and protein



Some dairy such as plant based milk

Simple carbs=

Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta

Processed foods such as cake, candy cookies and chips 😦 yes cookies are in here shhh moderation is key!!

White potatoes

Sweetened soft drinks



And then there is Fats. They have a bad reputation. There are good fats and bad fats. Obviously you should stick to the good ones.  Fats help the body absorb necessary vitamins and aid your immune system. Saturated fats are often found in meats and dairy products. YUCK !  You should try to limit saturated fats wherever possible as high intake can increase cholesterol and your chances of future coronary problems. Instead seek healthier fats from nuts, fish and olives.

foods containing Good fats=

canola, sunflower, olive, soy bean oils, nuts, avocados,  salmon

Bad fats=

Butters, creams, mayo, bacon and all pork, any fried foods, peanut butters (try and buy low-fat one)

Foods I avoid most of the time… GROSS!!

Whole milk, butters, mayo, creamy anything that includes dressings. .

Rose lives by at least this= 30 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, 20 grams of fat intake a day.  It seems to work pretty well for me. Those numbers are not exact, but they are normal for a non active day.  The numbers tweak however depending on my daily activity and my goals. For example if I am working out hard I will up the grams of all of them, especially in the protein intake to repair my muscles.

Why will I do that ..? After you work out your muscles are like a sponge approximately for about 45- 60 min. if your give your bod protein it will rebuild and repair the microtears in the muscle tissue. By doing so you reduce the soreness and increase your sexy muscles. And the more muscles you have guys the more calories you burn at rest which means you can eat more cookies.. opps I mean just eat more. lol


Many fad diets that promise and often deliver fast weight-loss are unsustainable because of their imbalance and inability to provide vital nutrients.  This is why you feel like total crap when you try doing them. A balanced diet will enable the body to get the correct fuel to help manage weight and energy levels.  Crash diets and improper training  can cause decreased energy, performance, and strength. Also it stresses your body out, can reduce immunity and add to early aging.  Usually your muscles are affected and you’re not losing fat, only storing it.  But proper eating and exercise leads to long term fat loss and lean muscle.   So why wouldn’t you do this!!!!  Proper balance diets and engaging in exercise will increase your fitness, give you a sexy a$$, increase endurance,  delays aging and reduces disease. So don’t try to cheat the system and starve or take crazy pills. Trust me you will feel and look a whole lot better. Get it done!! And do it Right!

– R

What Do Woman Really Want?

Recently I have especially been asked to answer this question “What do Woman Really Want?”  Love, Love , Love that I was approached with this question and topic to touch on!  I think its cute and I’m flattered.   Marcello Graziani was the one to bring up the subject and Tyler Dowiak asked me to answer.  Before I answer what woman want I am going to touch on what they certainly do NOT want. It is a complete MISNOMER that we like games and a guy that’s a complete DICKHEAD! By NO means do we want a jerk!! You guys are really ridiculous  to believe that and you truly will live a life without real love. Why in the hell would you not treat a woman with respect? Please don’t listen to foolish guys who obviously are confused.  A real man does not play games,  he values his woman. What happens is that you hear too many sad pathetic stories of how a relationship got comfortable and things started to get abusive. Most likely the woman stay with hopes that their boy changes back to who they thought he was. No woman likes to be abused.  Let me repeat that once more for all you fellas.. NO WOMAN WANTS TO BE ABUSED!! I am involved with many people trying to help them through their abuse and hard times.  It is a very sad thing when this happens and I can say I have been through it myself . Cowards abuse not real men. Don’t ever lower yourself into this category.

Now if your just starting a relationship please fellas do not be cheesy and ask her for phone pictures. And for the love of God do not take self in the mirror pics and send them to her. Its ok if your already in a relationship, but not if your just getting to know her. Its distasteful, shows lack of respect and class. I know if you’re doing that with one girl you’re doing that with others… So why should I feel special? I refuse to be a part of a guys immature show off photo gallery. Ladies I can tell you first hand that guys pass your pictures around. I have seen my roommates and neighbors do it with their guy friends.  Cracks me up when guys send me pics of just their body, including  their stomach or chest and cut off their heads. LOL I don’t get it!  Is that a sexual thing? I think the face and the eyes are so important. The eyes are the gateway to someones heart and soul. And I would prefer to see your smile . And please have all your teeth. And if they are yellow stop smoking and get some whitener. LOL

mirror use selfie

What NOT to do!!

Now that I touched on what we do not want I will tell you what we desire.  Men can you handle the real answer? Do you really wanna know What Woman Really Want? Or do you just want another excuse to stray away from giving it to us? Do you just wanna gripe and say you don’t understand us while you retreat.  Do not be a pussy! While I can not speak for every single woman on this planet I can say the majority of us want a VULNERABLE MAN ready to lay down his heart for love. There it is fellas . I said it. Are you willing to show your vulnerability for a woman? I think that if you really want to win her heart and the feelings are there inside it will come natural .  You will want to be with her,  spend quality time with her, shower her with attention and make her feel like she is the most special woman in all of the world.  Put her first before anything else and make her feel that she is your greatest friend. A man, a man  who can so deeply stare into your eyes and not stop, hold you so tight that you will never want him to let go. Share your deepest feelings with her as you open your heart.   If you feel you have found that one wonderful love that you connect with then you Fight for her and go out of your way to show her you care.  Show your character and integrity. No matter what happens she will always have those memories in her mind!  The memories, good and bad so make them amazing.

I think in today’s society the internet, social media, and online dating is causing people to lose their drive to be patient and put effort in one solid relationship. The accessibility to move on to another makes it all to easy so people just bounce around. They think the grass will be greener and in most cases it truly is not. Guys if she means something to you prove it.  And sometimes having patience is the greatest reward . An easy woman undoubtedly will not be a treasure.

Of course being able to provide for your woman is an added bonus.  I am not talking about a sugar daddy guys! Do not twist what I am saying.  Make a woman feel as though you can give shelter, food, support and the worry free notion of becoming a full-time mother.   Providing doesn’t necessarily mean monetary items, but also very importantly encouragement to make her a better woman.  When the woman feels cared for,  love is given and she feels secure, she should indefinitely return those feelings to her man. It is of a womans nature, her maternal instinct to love and provide so that will come out for you, but we so desire that to come first from you so we can fill our role.

real man 2

So many of you that know me are aware of my relationship history, but for those getting to know me welcome to my journey of life, love and fitness. As I progress on this blog I will touch on my relationship stories and dating.  Most of you will be entertained to say the least. Been married and the relationship lasted 15 years! Yup people 15 years ..  I was very loyal, but was ripped apart by him.  I reluctantly found myself in a relationship about a year after my marriage and unfortunately he ended up hurting me tremendously me as well.   I am hoping Mr. Vulnerable can surely show me what a real man is about.  So NOW I must be super selective in my choices.  I know my worth.  I have so much love to give in my life , I give it to my friends and peers, imagine when my Vulnerable man comes forth. I will give him more love than he can handle.

Love and Peace

– R

WAKE IT PEOPLE!! Organic and GM Foods

Gosh I can go on and on about these two subjects, but I am going to sum them up as best I can so you all clearly get the ideas I am conveying. Where to begin… Well let me ask you this .. Do you know what you’re buying when you food shop? Food shopping is so important for you in so many ways. Everything you put into your body effects you. The food you eat can change your mood, your energy levels and most of all have an impact on your health.  Energy levels big topic ill touch more on for you guys in the future, but eating clean and smart increases your energy and gives you more stamina. Hint Hint.. Lol  Anyways, I want you guys to read the labels please.  Take the extra time to do it.  WAKE IT UP!!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!! LISTEN AND LEARN!!

Ok people some of you have no idea what Organic means, so here I go breaking it down for you. Organic  means that food is  grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, weed killers or fertilizers.  Organic foods do not involve Genetically Modified Organisms (also known as GMO’s or GM foods). Organic foods are not processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, and do not contain chemical food additives. Organic farms tend use traditional methods, which involves all natural pesticides, weed killers,  and mulch.  The farmers also practice field swapping in order to produce healthier crops.  NASTY!! I Don’t understand why anyone would want to buy anything other than organic. You don’t willingly want to ingest poison do you?

So when your shopping read for these labels. Pay attention to what you’re buying. And don’t be a cheap ass!  These products may be a few cents more but isn’t your health worth it? Your gonna save on those  future doctors bills in the long run.  I am happy knowing the money is going to support farmers who practice organic farming techniques, which are less harsh on the environment and less harsh on animals and better for me!! Living a cleaner life, helping reduce pollution should be a concern to you and your family. I know its worth it.

So you know organic foods are healthier for farmers because they are not  exposed to the horrible chemicals day in and day out. The animals and plants raised organically are healthier as well.  Same theory for you as a consumers ingesting vegetables that have been treated naturally leaves less threat to your health.  On the non organic argument, researchers say you can wash off the chemicals and  have no negative effects . Umm yeah sure,  I am not taking my chances. I am much more confident eating food I know is not contaminated thank you!!

bananna gmo


So I am going to touch on the Genetically modified foods (GM foods)…  YIKES!! SCARY Shit!

This is going on everywhere . Guys we need to know what is happening especially for our children and our future generations.

GM Foods are derived from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). GMOs have had certain changes made in their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.  DISTURBING!!!!! GMOs are microorganisms, plants and animals that have had their genes altered.  UNNATURAL PEOPLE!! Usually they are modified either to further scientific research or to alter the food supply. Most common GM food includes adding of antibacterial genes to plants, making new foods by mixing genes from one to another, and adding animal genes to plants and vice versa.  YUCK!!! And lastly  the introduction of  genes that make organisms bigger or harder. I know some men that may need this .. SHHHH lol.. little Joke. On a serious note all of that sounds pretty wacked to me. Why the hell would we willingly want that in us??

Be on guard  for some of the most common genetically altered foods.  The top GM foods currently are  sugar beets, rice, corn, dairy products and soybeans. Millions of farm animals are fed genetically modified feed. Products that are genetically modified do not have to be labeled.  Sadly enough, but that will be another days discussion. But as I stated earlier read the labels closely at the store. Don’t dick around! The best friend your body has is you!

tofu non gmo

  Yes that’s my tofu and I am pointing out to you guys what it says. It’s safe to Nom out on this . Lol

To be fair I will state the benefits of the GMO that is being talked about. The advocates say that they GM foods have a better quality taste and that  the produce will  keep longer. Studies have shown people chose a GM tomato over ones that were not.  BLAH!!! lol Studies say that animals withstand factory farm conditions and they have fewer  health problems. CONFLICTING READS ON THIS> It is  also said that farmers won’t have to spray their crops any longer because they will have a tolerance to resist pests. Some of their foods will be modified to contain additional vitamins and minerals.  Hello I know we are perfectly capable of getting our adequate supply of what we need without the modification process. OPPPs sorry trying to let them have their say..  Arguments state that this will help people in countries not getting the sufficient amounts.  Well here I go again interjecting.. There is also serious concerns about the ethics behind scientists manipulating the genetic makeup of food used for consumption, with no true understanding of the long-term effects on human health.      It is clear that this debate will continue until more research is done, and more information is revealed. But Honestly I think it’s a fast make money political greedy scam. The concept is to make faster, cheaper and more quantity, but in reality its taking the same time to create these crops and the genes are still altered with all kinds of risks to us.

I must voice the studies on the drawback for the GM’s.Introducing plants and animals that do not naturally occur into the ecosystem could have devastating effects on current species due to cross breeding and cross-pollination. This could have negative impact on our environment.  Herbicide resistant plants could spread their trait to weeds which would make them harder to kill.Making plants and animals that are resistant to bacteria . In turn this makes bacteria  stronger and harder to kill. Making plants herbicide resistant can lead to weeds that are herbicide resistant as well. There have been isolated incidents of animal deaths after eating genetically modified foods that are identical to foods being sold to humans.

Genetically modified foods have the potential to cause increased allergy reactions in people as well as nutritional problems .  Some people with specific sensitivities have already been reporting increased allergic reactions to GM foods. Recent research has findings that indicate GM foods are potentially dangerous and could create new forms of disease and nutritional problems . Animal tests with GMOs resulted in test subjects developing FATAL allergic reactions, genetic defects, and more. Another negative aspect of GMO’s is their frequent cross-pollination with non-genetically modified organisms.

Animals that are ingesting crops that have been genetically modified to produce the pesticide Bt (approved for human consumption in the United States) have died by the thousands,(SICK)  while animals grazing on a non-GM version of the same crops remained unharmed. Upon autopsies, researchers have found black patches in the animals’ livers and intestines, internal bleeding and other signs of Bt poisoning. ( HERE IS WHERE I PUKE!!! ) OK I am back.. LOL Farm workers have begun developing allergic reactions upon handling Bt corn, similar to the effects experienced by people exposed to Bt spraying.

AGAIN I CANT STRESS ENOUGH…Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO-free. However, it is rare to find products labeled as such. Research websites that list companies and foods that do not use genetically modified foods. I will touch more on this in the future.

ceral non gmo

soy and almond milk non gmo

Notice the NON GMO labels on the Soy milk and Almond Milk . Although it is said that GMO’s are found highly in soy . I am showing you guys that you can still buy soy items that are very good to ingest.

Lastly to sum this topic up I want to talk about our future, our Children and how this may affect them. Children  are three to four times more prone to allergies than adults. Infants below two years old are most susceptible to have the highest incidence of reactions, especially to new allergens encountered in the diet. The slightest amount of allergens may cause reactions in children. Breast fed infants can be exposed via the mother’s diet, and fetuses may possibly be exposed in the womb.  Studies show that babies exposed to GM products could lead to a dramatic rise in allergies. GM corn is particularly problematic for children, as they generally eat a higher percentage of corn in their diet.

Every wonder why the kids today are mush bigger than the previous generations. A huge cause is what we are feeding them. Milk and dairy products from cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone contain  increased amounts of  this hormone which has been associated with breast and prostate cancer. Studies done by The Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association and the Cancer Prevention Coalition shows digested products absorbed,particularly in infants, produce hormonal and allergic effects. The GM milk is inducing premature growth and breast stimulation in infants, and possibly promoting breast cancer in adults. HEARD ENOUGH YET!! I know I have, but wait there is more..

Children are more susceptible to nutritional problemsWorldwide studies have shown that  genetic modification could lead to unpredicted harmful changes in the nutritional state of foods. It is highly recommended that potential health effects of GM foods be rigorously researched before being fed to pregnant or breast-feeding women, elderly people, those suffering from chronic disease, and babies. It is also found that  GM foods can affect the sexual development in children due to the unexpected changes in estrogen levels. It has also been found that even small nutritional changes could cause bowel obstruction and irritation.

Children are in danger from antibiotic resistant diseases.  GM foods have antibiotic resistant genes which in turn will cause our children to be at risk for facing antibiotic  resistant strains of bacteria.  The antibiotics therefore will not be useful in helping them fight infections.

Hope you learned a bit from this.  I want to give you guys a better understanding of whats going on out there and educate you some on keeping on guard. With this information be wise to protect yourself and your loved ones. I seriously want you guys to be aware of what your eating and  what the future holds for our health as greedy corporations will twist the information as best they can to make a quick buck.

– Peace and Love
– R