Exercising with Animals, the Benefits for You and Them

lacy and me 2


Let me start off by telling all of you I absolutely LOVE and ADORE animals.  Hence, I am a vegetarian for 19 years now. Mostly for compassionate reasons, but also for my health too.  I do not lecture my vegetarianism, but I will talk about it often when the subject permits.  I am also open to having discussions about it with anyone of interest. One of the biggest reasons I am a vegetarian is because I do not believe in hurting animals. I do not agree with violence at all in general. I am against any type of violence. Anyone who truly knows me will tell you this.  I am sensitive and want everyone safe. I do not even like contact sports for this reason. Sorry guys that practice them, be safe while you engage.

My goal on this earth is to help as many animals and people before my dying day. And I want anyone who thinks of me thereafter I make my exit to have an abundance of wonderful joyous memories in their heart touched by a smile. With that said I want as many people on this planet to love, cherish and enjoy animals. I have multiple jobs. One of them I am very passionate about is Pet Sitting.  I believe humans as well as their furry children should  be getting daily exercise.

Exercising with your pet is good for you and them as it enhances your health. It is hard to get motivated sometimes so put it in your head to get up and do it for the animal too. Even if you do not own your own pet you can always help out a friends animal or volunteer at a shelter to exercise one. So your dogs hyper and wants to play well giddy up! Feed on the energy of the animal instead of suppressing it.   You have these animals in your life for special reasons. What your probably not realizing is that this exercise together is so good for your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your emotional state and you get to bond with your animals in the process. Happy animals rub off their happy energies to their surrounds.

willow and dylan 1

Animals can have a huge impact on our emotions. All smiles with love from Willow

Five things you can do with your dog to improve your health. A simple walk, agility training(dog obstacles), dance & and sing,  fetch & chase, and that dreaded bath time.. LOL

Just by a 20 minute walk you can lower your blood pressure and reduce behavior problems in your dog.

meg and sam walk

Ready and anxious for their Walk!

Dancing and singing is always so much fun. While making your dog so happy giving them that attention they need  your also burning calories, increasing stamina and building muscles. Create a routine where they go in between your legs and run around you. Also let them hear your happiness in your voice and they may even chime along. Such a great way to connect and bond. Sure to make you laugh and put a fat smile on your face. The only thing Fat that will look good on you is that smile!

me and willow singing-002

Willow and I!! We are tight and we rock some Super Bass together!!

Design or find an exercise your dog enjoys such as agility or obstacles. Train them to do them on repeat with commands using tone of voice, positive reinforcement and treats. Willow she really likes to jump and punch at the boxing bag . She watches me and then she is so smart she repeats what I do. She is so cute. I think that she actually considers herself a big dog. LOL

willow boxer

Muhammad A – Willow! haha

willow and toy

Playing Fetch and Chase. Happy dog rolling in the back ground.

Fetch and chase at a park, the beach or your back yard is a fun way to get you both tired. Instead of just throwing the toy race your dog to retrieve it. This can also be done inside the house.

Here comes dreaded BATH DAY!! It is a must to have a clean doggy! Try to wash your pet once a week.  Cleaning your dog makes them feel loved, gives them the attention they crave, they will shine and smell so good. They won’t look at you so thrilled during, but after wards they are so happy and usually burst with happy energies! You also work many muscles in your body while bathing them. You use a lot of core and you certainly are strengthening your back as your washing them.

meggie bath 2

Bath Tub Time! O NO!

Lets not forget about the kitties out there people! Pussys like attentions and to play too .. Just a few exercises for you and your beloved cat.  You can run around the house with a laser pointer or flash light while the kitty chases it.  You can also use these beams of light while you’re doing abs . Make your cat follow you on your crunch time . It will surly keep you both entertained. See who can get out of breath sooner. You can also tie a cat toy on a  dumbbell . Use the dumbbells in various movements and stimulate the pussy. lol

At the end of the day the animals and you will be much happier and healthier. And then you can relax and enjoy some rest. Lay in the shade or catch some sun rays, but cherish and enjoy the time you have with them as life is so very short. Live it well, life it with Love…

– R

meg and binky

Getting some R & R together:)

sam sleeping 1

Sweet Old Samantha sleeping.

Get a Sexy Stomach at Home Ab and Core Workout

Ever stress cause you just can not get that disgusting muffin top off or those annoying love handles. Honestly there is really nothing to love about them. They are unappealing and not healthy. As I wrote in my post yesterday much of getting in shape relies 75 percent on your diet. So if your eating better foods and on a more frequent basis this will help get you that flat tummy you are craving.  And it’s not hard nor long to do. Plus I did this last night at my home so you have no excuses. No gym required!

First I want you to get your heart rate up. I want sixty seconds of jumping jacks. The trick here everyone is to get the heart rate up so instead of just shaping and building ab muscles you are burning fat as well.   This way you will actually be able to see them.lol

Now the first exercise #1 – Ab Rollout  If you do not have a little roller as pictured (very inexpensive at a sporting goods store) you can also use a rolling pin or something that will roll forward. This is great for your lower back as well.

Start by placing the roller on the floor in front of you and kneeling in front gripping it. With a slow controlled motion roll it out so that your back is straight. Keeping your knees slightly bent. Keep your arms straight through-out the exercise or your cheating. NO CHEATING! Roll back up bringing the roller back under your shoulders and return to the starting position. Repeat this 25 times. If you can go more DO IT! challenge yourself! if you can do 2 set of 25 Please do it!abs 8

abs 9

roll outs are great for your core

Ok awesomeness, now I want you to jog in place for 60 seconds again increasing your heart rate.

Exercise #2 –Ball or weight lift crunches over your knees-this is for your center abdominal muscles mainly. Here I am using a stability ball. If you do not have one use a weight or a bag filled with something. Improvise people!

Start off by laying down with your feet planted and your knees slightly bent. Bring the ball or whatever it is your using up above your knees. Hold this position for a few seconds. Return back down to the starting position and repeat for at least 25 times. And yes you can do that many!! Challenge yourself! That word CAN’T is a word not used in my vocab! Repeat 2 sets of 25 .

abs 11

abs 12Cool beans! You have got this going. Giddy up for me.  Giddy Giddy Giddy..I want sixty seconds of pretend jump rope.  Again heart rate get it back up.

Exercise #3- Leg lifts– great for your lower abs- Lay on your backs and lift your legs about a foot off the ground and hold that for 30 seconds . Repeat that twice. There is no picture for this one. Don’t worry its not that hard to do.

Exercise #4- Plank -You GOT this!!

PLANK for 30 seconds . Repeat twice.  So good for your core. Which is your abs and back.  Face down align your hands below your shoulders. Keep your knees beneath your hip. Extend both feet behind you and squeeze in on your center. Once you do these more and more you can extend the time. You will get stronger I promise. I can plank for 18 minutes!! lol.. Just takes too much time. Kinda boring. See below for picture of Plank.

abs 7


ok I want you to do butt kicks now for again yepper getting that heart rate up!! 60 seconds. Basically they are similar to jogging in place except you kick your own butt . Lift your legs back high.

exercise 5 abs 6

Exercise #5 –Crunches on the ball or floor .  First do 20 coming straight on and then I want you to do 15 Oblique crunches for each side. Cross the foot over the knee. Keeping the lower back pressed down. Lift your shoulder up and curl your body up diagonally across your body towards your knee. . Switch sides and repeat .

abs 5

oblique crunches

The above photo gives you another alternative to do your obliques . Your lying on your back and keeping your knees to the side and keeping your lower back pressed into the floor. Lift your shoulder up off the floor and curl your upper body across your body towards your knee.  Come on people lets get sexy yeah!!! Do this too. Why not?  Get stronger. Do at least 25.

Ok again time yourself 60 seconds of high knees. Its like jogging in place again but lifting your knees high up. Great . Have I said how your awesome yet!! Well I am saying it again . YEAH!!

abs 22

weighted Oblique exercise


Motion Action Shot!

Take the weight or whatever you have even if its just your arm and press it above your head on one side. Push your butt in the direction of the arm raised. The opposite hand should be pressed along side of your other leg and go down below the knee. If you can go lower DO IT! Hold for a second and then return back.

Now your done!! Heck yeah!! You did it! Should take about 20 minutes depending on how many reps you do. Keep that heart rate up in between sets . I tried listing simple things you all know to do so you can keep your heart rate up. I know you guys can do these . Get them done. Get your sexy on!! Thanks for checking my ab routine out! A little sweaty but done! Sweat will do you good!

abs 10