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Get the Bleep Up and Go Run! My Worth Ave on Palm Beach Run

So you guys want motivation huh?…. Many of you guys ask me to motivate you well here is a little secret in case you didn’t know …I want you to know just because I work my BUTT off doesn’t mean I am always motivated. In fact I am NOT.  I have to push myself a lot! I just think of how much better I will feel when I am done and the benefits. I  say to myself  get the he!! up and DO IT! How do you think I can justify or allow myself to ram cookies in my mouth! lol.

Motivational tip,find a place or exercise you like and make  a promise to do it a few times a week. I am taking you guys on a special little tour of where I go run a lot.  Its Palm Beach.  Yep, I like the Beach, the stores and the scenery. Plus its clean, safe and just damn straight beautiful. Worth Avenue is to Florida what Rodeo Drive is to California. Worth Ave is a gorgeous shopping district that includes smaller alleyways known as Vias off the main avenue. The landscaping alone is amazing. I enjoy looking at all the designs in the buildings and the new merchandise the stores have to offer. I love going at night because I own it! Its quiet peaceful and no one in sight. I am the only one besides the palm beach cops there at night. And they are too busy eating donuts to care about anything else. lol

worth Ave

150 Worth Ave – Shops and restrooms

So I drive over to Palm Beach and park. I usually throw my keys behind the clock tower at the end of Worth Ave. so I don’t have to carry them while I run. I usually start by running down the block on Worth Avenue and I always go to the second story bathrooms at 150 Worth because my bladder is relentless. Lol.  After that I love to smell the restaurants while the last of the food is being served for the night if any of them are still open by the time I arrive.

worth ave

So cute the window browsing is..

So while I am running by some of the shops I decided to take some pics so people around the world that have never seen Worth Ave can now see it through my sites. Looking through this window I had to take this picture because I love Seahorses.  Do you guys know what a male seahorse does? The male seahorse becomes pregnant and gives birth. Who could ask for a better man. lol

worth ave 3

Worth Ave

Pretty Street View with No one in sight:)

Pretty Street View with No one in sight:)

Here you can see how peaceful and ever so beautiful at night. I can run zig zags in the streets all night long It’s just me and Worth Ave .  It just so happened to be 54 degrees , an unusually cold night for Florida, but it doesn’t stop me. I might look frozen in the picture as my face was a little numb .. haha.

worth ave 5

Side shops and restaurants

Running through one of the Vias I wanted to take a picture and show you all how pretty. Ahh, and the Smell of Cha Cha’s bar and restaurant was killing me . My stomach is always growling. My metabolism is burning away which believe me is great, but also when it comes to your blood sugar level dropping you tend to need foods and  you need them quickly.



Here it is the money shot. I couldn’t help it! I was running and I got so hungry It felt like I could eat the stores and then one of them teased me with cake in the window. That was not very nice of them! All that separated me to my glorious satisfaction of nomming was glass! This store should be arrested for this! It should be a crime to intensify someones  pain even if it is just hunger pains. lol.

wort ave 2

Ahh again drooling, look Jimmy Choo’s , where you can find  kick ass high-end shoes, bags and other accessories. I would love to go in and buy out the store One of these days. This is just one of many luxurious designer stores on my run.

Now its time to run on the beach for a bit yup even in the dark. Sometimes the moonlight is all you need. But even if the moon is sleeping you have your night vision.    Running on the beach is great exercise but can be kinda tough so go at a comfortable pace. Just be happy to be running and never for a moment be hard on yourself.


Beach at night on Palm Beach

Enjoy all of lifes natural beauty and what the earth has offered us. Avoid making sand angels because the sand will get in all your clothes including your butt.  ;p As long as I have my legs I will forever be a fan of running on the beach.The smell with the breeze of the ocean is one of the greatest joys that some of us do not realize or stop and appreciate sometimes. But I  do, down to the cloud formations and the stars shining in the night. Sometimes I see shooting stars and I know they are Gods Angels telling me to keep on pressing forward, gain strength,  help others,  and spread the love I have inside.

worth avenue sand

written in the sand.. Fit By Rose
My Destiny

Make Exercise a Part of Your Daily Life

Guys I know its easy to make excuses. I have done it and still do some times. So here I am to help add motivation to all of you each day. We should mentally put exercise in our minds as a necessity just like brushing our teeth, eating, and bathing. Consider it a must!

I do not expect anyone to make a full change in their life, but at least try to each day take steps to get back into a routine. Pick some of your favorite exercises to start.  I variate my routines and activity all the time. Some of the activities I do are; run on the beach, bike, volleyball, surf, basketball, yoga, kick box, swim, and circuit training in the gym. I am sure there are some fun activities or exercises you can choose.   If it helps sign up for a group activity locally to help motivate you.

Do not worry so much about numbers on a scale, counting calories or reps.  Just get in the mindset of taking control over your life. Devote 20-30 each day minimum to some kind of exercise. Do not worry so much about losing weight or what the scale says. Focus on the facts that you’re getting stronger, making yourself healthier, and improving your emotional level.  Do not try to count calories rather cut down on huge portions and eat more frequently. Counting calories is frustrating and annoying. I haven’t counted a single calorie in the last 3 years I have been in top shape.  Once you get the feel for eating those smaller meals and preventing yourself from going hungry you will never count calories again. It’s about eating to prevent yourself from getting hungry. When I’m hungry I will eat too much so try to keep a snack handy at all times to prevent over eating. And also counting reps sometimes isn’t really challenging at all. If you set a number at 10 and you do 10 easily you’re not going to surpass your plateau . Think outside the box! Feel your body. Burn it out! keep going until you feel that burn.

Most important reason why you should put exercise first is because it boosts your sense of well – being. We all know that exercise is best for us long-term, but everyone always wants quick satisfaction. While adding exercise to your day you are increasing your energy, stamina, balance, posture, concentration, reducing stress, improving sleep and your over all out look . I highly tell people put yourself first, not in a selfish manner, but in a wise one. It relates to theory of the flight attendants advise to put your oxygen mask on before you proceed to help your children or anyone else. It’s the same thing. You are not effectively able to take care of others if you do not put your own self first and foremost. I have learned that the hard way so please listen to someone who has the experience.  Make the commitment to make yourself priority. Be proud of your efforts and accomplishments each day!