Nommy -Licious Veggie Stir Fry – Low Fat, High in Protein & Fiber

stir fry

Fresh Veggies here included; Pepper, Broccoli (high in fiber), Zucchini, Tomatoes

So easy and so good for you…

OK, get a cutting board out. Cut up any of your favorite veggies to your desired size. Usually the smaller you chop the faster it cooks. Use a wok or a big stir Fry pan and spray it with some Organic Pam. The Pam is not required. I normally use some spices. You can use which ever ones your taste buds like the best. I used some chili powder, black pepper and cayenne. You can use a stir fry sauce also. Be careful on the sauces you use. Read the ingredients . You do not want to use ones high in fat or sugars. I usually add some water and hot sauce. It has been said that hot sauce can speed up your metabolism too as it raises your body temperature . So why not add just a little even if your not a spicy kinda Nommer. lol .

I NEVER add extra oils. They add too much fat and give me stomach pains. UGHH I do not need that. If your an oil person I recommend only small amounts. Hence this is why I used a tad of the Pam.

I now chop up some tofu. (High in Protein) If you want you can add some egg whites for extra protein. This can be altered as desired.

Cook on low to medium heat for about 10 minutes. Place on top of some cooked Multi grain rice. The whole grains help promote a healthy digestive system and they are high in fiber which helps you feel more full for as longer duration also. I have a rice cooker, but I am sure the rice you purchase will display cooking directions.

stir fry 2

Stir fry veggies chopped up with tofu, spices & mixed multi -grain rice. NOM NOM NOM!!

This meal is a perfect balance. While it gives you everything you need it’s also very tasty! I promise you will like it. Give it a try! Nom out!!!

I welcome your questions or feedback…

– R

Eating Right and Balanced for Everyday Life

Notice how I worded the topic for this post.  Everyday life, by this I mean there is NO such thing as a short-term crash diet. I needed to cover this topic mandatory ASAP. Many of my clients and friends do not know about proper eating basics and even what food groups are about. So here I am going to break it down as simple as I can.

First I am going to tell you why eating properly is so important.  I encourage eating a balance diet to everyone every single day.  I ask my clients what they eat and the answers I get hurt my ears. Many of them just eat protein or just eat carbs and the biggest thing is not eating enough throughout the day.  OOUCHHHH to me!!  Let me tell you a balance diet contains proper amounts of necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and activity. Which is eating at the same time protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Here is the break down into these three groups for everyone, they are;


Plant Based- tempeh, lentils, edamame, beans, veggie burger, Quinoa, nuts, brown and black rice, spinach

I highly suggest trying to eat as many plant-based proteins instead of meat. There are a million reasons why and I will touch more on that in my days on this blog, but just to name a few reasons the health of our planet and the health of most individuals would greatly improve.   Diets light on meat (dead animals) show a significant reduction in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and newer studies are even saying Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.


Nom Nom NOm . I love carbs. You sometimes hear many people say cut your carb intake or lower it. NOM- sense. Thats ridiculous. Balance on the numbers I gave you.  Get them in!! Carbs are very important, essential they keep you going and give you energies. Maybe that’s why I have so much!! People ask me how do I have so much energies. Well it’s because I never neglect my carbs. I try not to over indulge, but I make sure I have them. And I mainly have good carbs by that I mean complex carbohydrates such as grains ( multi-grains) and veggies over simple carbs that include potatoes and sugars. The complex carbs give me a constant source of feel good because they are slower to convert to energy. Try to limit your simple carbohydrates which are sugars that can lead to sharp rises and drops in blood levels.

Complex Carbs=

Fresh fruit

Non-starchy veggies

Whole grains and Multi grains (such as certain types of bread and cereal)

And these contain both carbs and protein



Some dairy such as plant based milk

Simple carbs=

Refined grains like white bread, white rice and enriched pasta

Processed foods such as cake, candy cookies and chips 😦 yes cookies are in here shhh moderation is key!!

White potatoes

Sweetened soft drinks



And then there is Fats. They have a bad reputation. There are good fats and bad fats. Obviously you should stick to the good ones.  Fats help the body absorb necessary vitamins and aid your immune system. Saturated fats are often found in meats and dairy products. YUCK !  You should try to limit saturated fats wherever possible as high intake can increase cholesterol and your chances of future coronary problems. Instead seek healthier fats from nuts, fish and olives.

foods containing Good fats=

canola, sunflower, olive, soy bean oils, nuts, avocados,  salmon

Bad fats=

Butters, creams, mayo, bacon and all pork, any fried foods, peanut butters (try and buy low-fat one)

Foods I avoid most of the time… GROSS!!

Whole milk, butters, mayo, creamy anything that includes dressings. .

Rose lives by at least this= 30 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, 20 grams of fat intake a day.  It seems to work pretty well for me. Those numbers are not exact, but they are normal for a non active day.  The numbers tweak however depending on my daily activity and my goals. For example if I am working out hard I will up the grams of all of them, especially in the protein intake to repair my muscles.

Why will I do that ..? After you work out your muscles are like a sponge approximately for about 45- 60 min. if your give your bod protein it will rebuild and repair the microtears in the muscle tissue. By doing so you reduce the soreness and increase your sexy muscles. And the more muscles you have guys the more calories you burn at rest which means you can eat more cookies.. opps I mean just eat more. lol


Many fad diets that promise and often deliver fast weight-loss are unsustainable because of their imbalance and inability to provide vital nutrients.  This is why you feel like total crap when you try doing them. A balanced diet will enable the body to get the correct fuel to help manage weight and energy levels.  Crash diets and improper training  can cause decreased energy, performance, and strength. Also it stresses your body out, can reduce immunity and add to early aging.  Usually your muscles are affected and you’re not losing fat, only storing it.  But proper eating and exercise leads to long term fat loss and lean muscle.   So why wouldn’t you do this!!!!  Proper balance diets and engaging in exercise will increase your fitness, give you a sexy a$$, increase endurance,  delays aging and reduces disease. So don’t try to cheat the system and starve or take crazy pills. Trust me you will feel and look a whole lot better. Get it done!! And do it Right!

– R

Whey protein Vs.Soy :)

Ok Guys Well you want the truth .. Rose= Truth and that’s IT!! So here it is plan and simple. Most supplement companies do not really care what is best for you . They care about making profits so they are going to promote what has the lowest production costs, and the greatest money-making potential. Let me break it down like this. In the cheese making process Whey was a left over by-product that was poured down a drain. NASTY!! why would you want to ingest that. A by product usually means something deriving by accident and unintentional  in a process of manufacture. For example when a label says chicken by-product it means ground up left over feathers or beak.  How disgusting!! Studies also show that Soy protein has double the amount of Glutamine per serving Vs Whey. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body.  Some Whey has been found to have increased effects on a persons cholesterol profile. While studies have shown Soy improves kidney functions, lowers cholesterol,  promotes bone health, and improves thyroid function.

Still need more convincing ok ….. Research has shown soy protein being linked to reducing many forms of breast, endometrial, and prostate cancer. Research also indicates that the soy protein may reduce nitrogen loss and keep you in a positive nitrogen balance to better facilitate muscle growth. The human body can only repair and build muscles when it has a positive nitrogen balance. As I already wrote  Soy kicks Wheys ass in its high concentration of the amino acids glutamine and  it also has high amounts of arginine. These two aminos are extremely important  for their ability to release growth hormone and aid in immune system functions and for their ability to speed muscle cell recovery.

So there ya have it. I broke it down short and sweet.  Soy is definitely the better way to go.  Hands down. No contest!

Did Someone Say Cookies!!!! NOMMMM!!

I believe in treating yourself to something you enjoy, especially if you have exercised hard and earned proper “Nomming Rights”. Those of you that know me  probably expected this as the first recipe that I share. Those new to my little universe, let me give you a little background. A couple of years ago, I was baking high protein cookies. My roommates and neighbors went crazy for them. So, naturally, I made more… and more… and more… and, well, you get the idea. After a few rounds of this they started referring to me as the “Cookie Monster”. Me loooove cookie… like seriously… LOVE them.  Message me if you want some baking tips.