Lets Really Talk Soy!

I am really sick and tired of the rumors that soy foods are bad for you. I know there’s a lot of hearsay about how it can cause hormonal imbalances, and not be good for you, but it takes one fool to make people believe a rumor. Let’s debunk this noise with some facts and science! I really want people to know truth. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask me I will get back with you.

Soy products include tofu, some vegetarian replacement foods such as veggie burgers and Veggie “meats”, soy milk and edamame. Also Tempeh, Natto (known to be a good blood thinner.) and miso, which are said to be considered the better of the soy products because they are fermented and no trypsin inhibitors are used.  The fermentation process of soy may improve mineral absorption and may give rise to other beneficial compounds, but nothing’s been proven that this process is superior to unfermented where trypsin inhibitors are used. In fact soy foods in China and Japan have been unfermented for the last thousand years.

Much of the aggressive slander about soy comes from the imitation estrogen in Soy called isoflavones. These Isoflavones mimic estrogen in the body called  phyto-estrogen.   While soy does not have estrogens, the isoflavones in soy are estrogen-like, and soy can function like estrogen to alleviate hot flashes associated with menopause and reduce bone loss.  Also the isoflavones are asscociated with lowering cancer rates among Asians who consumed more soy than any other culture.


soy 1

Non fermented soy

Soy products are a great source of protein and calcium, and has been repeatedly studied for having substantial benefits.   Studies done by the FDA in 1999 and 2005 found soy foods safe were good in staying off coronary heart disease and certain forms of cancer. They’re rich in Omega 3 and 6, which help the immune and cardiovascular systems and also support brain functionality. It’s been proven to lower cholesterol, as per a USDA study. Research shows that isoflavones prevent the onset of osteoporosis and may protect against various forms of cancer for both male and female. In 1995 soy protein was recognized for lowering cholesterol and in 1999 the US food and drug administration approved the claim.  From 1991 to 2000 a US study with thousands of woman with results showed in four studies show that post diagnosis soy intake improves the prognosis in woman who have had breast cancer.   And, no, it doesn’t do anything bad to your thyroid. Studies done by the National Institute of Health in 2006 have shown it doesn’t affect it at all.


soy 2


And there are plenty of benefits for MEN too.   DO not believe the ridiculous rumors that soy is not good for  you. Please refer to the scientific research studies of Mark Messina. http://www.soyconnection.com/sites/default/files/soy-mens-health.pdf

Or, if you don’t feel like clicking, here’s a quick summary:

The way the isoflavones work is to attach themselves to estrogen receptors in the human body and actually keep estrogen levels low. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, hosts a highly respected medical journal called “Ferility and Sterility”.  Recently  they published an article and there was no evidence from the  nine clinical studies done on humans that  isoflavone exposure affected levels of estrogene in the male body. The studies also showed that the soy intake did not reduce sperm or semen parameters even at a higher intake levels.  In fact there was a six month long study with couples that were having trouble conceiving proved men with a  low sperm count to increase to normal and the couples were able to conceive. And if that wasn’t enough, research has shown that isoflavones prevent the onset of osteoporosis and may protect against various forms of cancer for both male and female.

Ten Great reasons to include soy for your kids

  1. Soy provides essential nutrients for growth and development such as calcium, zinc, iron and folate.
  2. Soy is a high-quality source of protein.
  3. Soy can provide added fiber to kids’ diets, which generally need a boost.
  4. The neutral flavor of soy allows for use with extreme flavors.
  5. Soy product development is possible for every imaginable food category.
  6. Soy blends well with other ingredients.
  7. Combining soy protein with cereal grains increases protein quantity and quality in cereal products.
  8. Soy is a cost-effective ingredient, making it ideal for food service and for products that fit into the family budget.
  9. Parents respond favorably to seeing soy on the ingredient label and consider foods containing soy to be healthy.
  10. Low-calorie, nutrient-dense soyfoods can help reduce malnutrition and combat the obesity epidemic.
Time to add some sarcastic, bitchy, but funny humor in this debate. First off the people that speak negative about soy are going off research done on mice. LOL  Are we rats? Or do we even come close to resembling a rodent ? Why in the hell do we torture these poor animals trying to relate them to us. These torturous tests can not predict the effects for humans . Duh, isn’t it obvious?? You can not duplicate the complexities in the human organisms to an animals. Which leads me recommending  you guys read an amazing Book called “When Elephants Weep”.
This book not only will give you instances how animals have feelings,  it also makes a point to teach us that testing on animals will never be compared to the human body. Hello people haven’t we learned by now ? This is why we haven’t found the cure for cancer!  We are doing it all wrong.
If you want to educate yourselves further please check out Jeffrey Massons book and link below.

In conclusion PLEASE consider the totality of the scientific research with humans not rodents.  And FYI soy is MUCH better for you than meat!  It’s up to you if you want to eat soy all the time, but keep up with the studies and don’t believe every rumor you come across. Unless allergic, which is relatively rare, soyfoods are a great part of your diet.:)  SO NOM IT UP!!


elephants and soy

We have feelings too bro…





What Do Woman Really Want?

Recently I have especially been asked to answer this question “What do Woman Really Want?”  Love, Love , Love that I was approached with this question and topic to touch on!  I think its cute and I’m flattered.   Marcello Graziani was the one to bring up the subject and Tyler Dowiak asked me to answer.  Before I answer what woman want I am going to touch on what they certainly do NOT want. It is a complete MISNOMER that we like games and a guy that’s a complete DICKHEAD! By NO means do we want a jerk!! You guys are really ridiculous  to believe that and you truly will live a life without real love. Why in the hell would you not treat a woman with respect? Please don’t listen to foolish guys who obviously are confused.  A real man does not play games,  he values his woman. What happens is that you hear too many sad pathetic stories of how a relationship got comfortable and things started to get abusive. Most likely the woman stay with hopes that their boy changes back to who they thought he was. No woman likes to be abused.  Let me repeat that once more for all you fellas.. NO WOMAN WANTS TO BE ABUSED!! I am involved with many people trying to help them through their abuse and hard times.  It is a very sad thing when this happens and I can say I have been through it myself . Cowards abuse not real men. Don’t ever lower yourself into this category.

Now if your just starting a relationship please fellas do not be cheesy and ask her for phone pictures. And for the love of God do not take self in the mirror pics and send them to her. Its ok if your already in a relationship, but not if your just getting to know her. Its distasteful, shows lack of respect and class. I know if you’re doing that with one girl you’re doing that with others… So why should I feel special? I refuse to be a part of a guys immature show off photo gallery. Ladies I can tell you first hand that guys pass your pictures around. I have seen my roommates and neighbors do it with their guy friends.  Cracks me up when guys send me pics of just their body, including  their stomach or chest and cut off their heads. LOL I don’t get it!  Is that a sexual thing? I think the face and the eyes are so important. The eyes are the gateway to someones heart and soul. And I would prefer to see your smile . And please have all your teeth. And if they are yellow stop smoking and get some whitener. LOL

mirror use selfie

What NOT to do!!

Now that I touched on what we do not want I will tell you what we desire.  Men can you handle the real answer? Do you really wanna know What Woman Really Want? Or do you just want another excuse to stray away from giving it to us? Do you just wanna gripe and say you don’t understand us while you retreat.  Do not be a pussy! While I can not speak for every single woman on this planet I can say the majority of us want a VULNERABLE MAN ready to lay down his heart for love. There it is fellas . I said it. Are you willing to show your vulnerability for a woman? I think that if you really want to win her heart and the feelings are there inside it will come natural .  You will want to be with her,  spend quality time with her, shower her with attention and make her feel like she is the most special woman in all of the world.  Put her first before anything else and make her feel that she is your greatest friend. A man, a man  who can so deeply stare into your eyes and not stop, hold you so tight that you will never want him to let go. Share your deepest feelings with her as you open your heart.   If you feel you have found that one wonderful love that you connect with then you Fight for her and go out of your way to show her you care.  Show your character and integrity. No matter what happens she will always have those memories in her mind!  The memories, good and bad so make them amazing.

I think in today’s society the internet, social media, and online dating is causing people to lose their drive to be patient and put effort in one solid relationship. The accessibility to move on to another makes it all to easy so people just bounce around. They think the grass will be greener and in most cases it truly is not. Guys if she means something to you prove it.  And sometimes having patience is the greatest reward . An easy woman undoubtedly will not be a treasure.

Of course being able to provide for your woman is an added bonus.  I am not talking about a sugar daddy guys! Do not twist what I am saying.  Make a woman feel as though you can give shelter, food, support and the worry free notion of becoming a full-time mother.   Providing doesn’t necessarily mean monetary items, but also very importantly encouragement to make her a better woman.  When the woman feels cared for,  love is given and she feels secure, she should indefinitely return those feelings to her man. It is of a womans nature, her maternal instinct to love and provide so that will come out for you, but we so desire that to come first from you so we can fill our role.

real man 2

So many of you that know me are aware of my relationship history, but for those getting to know me welcome to my journey of life, love and fitness. As I progress on this blog I will touch on my relationship stories and dating.  Most of you will be entertained to say the least. Been married and the relationship lasted 15 years! Yup people 15 years ..  I was very loyal, but was ripped apart by him.  I reluctantly found myself in a relationship about a year after my marriage and unfortunately he ended up hurting me tremendously me as well.   I am hoping Mr. Vulnerable can surely show me what a real man is about.  So NOW I must be super selective in my choices.  I know my worth.  I have so much love to give in my life , I give it to my friends and peers, imagine when my Vulnerable man comes forth. I will give him more love than he can handle.

Love and Peace

– R